At Forcivity, we’re a team of Salesforce professionals who spend a lot of time in the app. As with any profession, we’ve discovered a few tips to help us stay focused and achieve the best results, both for our org and our clients. We’re detailing our 5 Salesforce apps we recommend to all.


Breadwinner is an intuitive, two-way integration software between Salesforce and your finance system that helps businesses streamline their processes by working in real-time. 

Forcivity CEO & founder, Steve Baines, swears by Breadwinner:  “Breadwinner allows us to share valuable financial insights about our customers with a seamless, easy-to-configure integration that connects Salesforce with QuickBooks Online.” 

Breadwinner also integrates Salesforce with NetSuite. Not only do we use this as an integral part of Forcivity’s business process, but Steve also uses it to manage North East Dreamin’, a regional Salesforce user conference. 


Jesse Robertson, one of our Senior Solution Architects, swears by this tool. “Whenever I’ve been asked to work on a Salesforce project that includes any data-related tasks, my first question is always, “do they have DemandTools?” 

DemandTools allows you to manage your data – duplicates, standardization, record reassignments, lead processing, and more – in record time and deliver high-quality data across your business. 


GetFeedback is an easy-to-use online feedback survey solution that measures the voice of the customer so you can take action and provide an exceptional experience. 

Almost everyone on our team swore by this method of collecting customer feedback!

Email to Case Premium

This app helps your customer support be frictionless and makes Customer Experience your differentiator. 

Greg Jankowski, Chief Product Officer, relies on this frequently. “If you ingest and send responses via email to and from customers on cases, your ability to keep that communication stream clean is essential.” 

Field Trip

Field trip allows you to get reports on standard and custom field usage for insight into the health of your Salesforce database. 

VP of Implementation and Design Jim Coleman swears by it.  “This app has saved me so much time and many headaches. Whenever we’re starting a big health assessment, I always like to use Field Trip to get a total view of what we’re dealing with.”

Those are our top 5 Salesforce Apps we rely on. Did we miss any? Tweet us with the Salesforce apps you recommend or can’t live without!

Molly McGee