Ben Yaris


Skills & Expertise

If “the Force” was a software application, Ben could program it to do anything he wanted. With nine years of architecture and development experience, this senior web developer/software engineer/tech entrepreneur is at the helm of everything engineering at Forcivity. His career began with studying multimedia and graphic design at Champlain College in Vermont. But Ben wasn’t happy relying on someone else to make his designs come to life, especially at the speed he wanted…which lead to an exploration behind the screens. Something to certainly be proud of, Ben taught himself to become a diverse developer.


Now a Sitecore Certified Developer that speaks numerous programming languages, he is able to attain the results that he wants. Having worked for a number of companies, including Puma and Connective DX, Ben has deployed over 30 projects on desktop, mobile and web platforms, specializing in front end development.


A self-proclaimed car and golf addict, Ben participates in many charity golf events and car cruises—having fun and doing good while doing it. He is also working on a venture, Next Shot Golf, LLC that will no doubt benefit his game someday. With Ben’s abilities to channel the force into a Salesforce app, Forcivity is no doubt set to be in hyperdrive to assist its customers!

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