They might not be able to leap buildings in a single bound but they certainly, with the help of some Salesforce applications, do a lot for your business.


Data Architect: The unspoken hero of sales and marketing dashboards. Rolling up the master details and workflows to keep the business here it needs to be.


Migration Master: The quick-witted and ever-ready admin can move heaven and earth at a moments notice, while running to get their 5th cup of coffee.


Purveyor of Solutions: Business leaders know what they want, they also needed it yesterday. In the middle of the confusion & chaos, sense is made and the impossible is delivered.


Data Cop: Making sure everyone plays by the rules and flexes a little muscle now and again when needed.


Mind Reader: Without a crystal ball, able to understand future issues, problems & implement solutions to nip them in the bud now.


Molly McGee


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