The Anatomy of a Salesforce Admin

Salesforce Admin

The Anatomy of a Salesforce Admin


They might not be able to leap buildings in a single bound but they certainly, with the help of some Salesforce applications, do a lot for your business.


Data Architect: The unspoken hero of sales and marketing dashboards. Rolling up the master details and workflows to keep the business here it needs to be.


Migration Master: The quick-witted and ever-ready admin can move heaven and earth at a moments notice, while running to get their 5th cup of coffee.


Purveyor of Solutions: Business leaders know what they want, they also needed it yesterday. In the middle of the confusion & chaos, sense is made and the impossible is delivered.


Data Cop: Making sure everyone plays by the rules and flexes a little muscle now and again when needed.


Mind Reader: Without a crystal ball, able to understand future issues, problems & implement solutions to nip them in the bud now.


Steve Baines

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who loves working with early stage, technology-focused startups. His latest venture is as Founder and CEO of Forcivity - a ISV and Consulting Partner firm, specializing in architectural, integration, development and strategic services. He has a diverse background in technology as well as sales and marketing, all with an eye toward building highly profitable, successful companies. Steve has a passion for helping others realize their potential, enabling them to grow both personally and professionally and loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others in the hopes they will do the same with him. Steve has been a volunteer for the Crispin’s House Coalition for Youth Juvenile Court Diversion program since 2006, is organizer of the Manchester NH Developer Group and a co-organizer of the Salesforce User Community Conference, Northeast Dreamin'. He is a graduate from Southern NH University with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance, M.S. in Information Technology, and an M.B.A. Steve is a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.

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