The Best Salesforce Apps You’re Probably Not Using

the best Salesforce apps you're probably not using: Forcivity

There is an app for that…however finding the right one on the AppExchange from the thousands to pick from can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack.

So our experts, (who are excellent hay sifters) have uncovered some of the best Salesforce apps, you are probably not even using.

Here are some of their top finds:

Rollup Helper

What it does: Helps you with basic reporting needs that can’t be handled by Salesforce’s standard master-detail relationships.

How it works: Allows you to summarize data from children records and make that summarized data reportable at the master record level.

Why our experts love it: If you don’t have a developer on staff, no need to worry! Rollup Helper uses configuration rather than coding, so it’s simple for anyone to implement.

 Email to Case Premium

What it does: Allows for frictionless email communication with your customers needing support from their vendor (the Salesforce user). If you use Service Cloud cases, this is the app for you!

How it works: Cleanly parses incoming data from emails and correctly associates the email text to the correct Service Case in Salesforce.

Why our experts love it: Makes an out-of-the-box Salesforce function exponentially better by solving a common problem for relatively little effort and cost. What’s not to love?

Simple Survey

What it does: Want customer feedback? Now you can email your customers a survey from any record within Salesforce.

How it works: Allows for the creation of a star rating or Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey email. If you would like to gather more feedback from your customers, on their experience with your service, you can add a custom-landing page.

Why our experts love it: Customers respond with just one click and you get real-time results. If that wasn’t reason enough…it’s a breeze to implement and it won’t set you back a ton of dough.

Conga Composer

What it does: Do you need to generate custom forms and documents from Salesforce? Yeah, we thought so!

How it works: Offers simple ‘mail merge’ functionality using standard document formats such as MS Word. Conga Composer allows you to record history of document generation within Salesforce as well as save PDF versions of the documents for historical purposes.

Why our experts love it:  Requires little tech involvement for an overall quick implementation. Oh and you can try it out for free to make sure you will love it as much as our experts do!

Field Trip

What is does: Click your heels together and say Custom Fields three times! Instead of helping Dorothy find her way home, this app helps you understand how and if your custom fields are being used.

How it works: It allows you to query and run reports on the fields within both standard and custom objects for all or a subset of data. From these reports, you are able to analyze the fields and gain insight on how many and what percentage of the records have that field populated.

Why our experts love it: Data hygiene is a must for any company and Filed Trip gives you a hard data insight into field usage and is an invaluable tool when performing filed clean up analysis. The results? Enhance your user interface and boost user adoption. That’s nothing to shake a stick at! (P.S. It’s FREE.)


What it does: Say goodbye to the traditional and complex waterfall project management solutions and hello to the ideal project management app!

How it works: A flexible framework, drag-and-drop actions and Chatter conversations all mixed up together in this winner of a recipe for your business. Allows you to manage projects, tasks, and share controlled access to project statuses all within the Salesforce platform.

Why our experts love it: No more manual updates or clumsy intermittent exercises to present project data – like you would with a traditional waterfall project solution. No need to break open the piggy bank either – TaskRay is $23 per user per month and you can try it out for free for 14 days!

SCORM Anywhere

(Try this app with Redwing Learning for a killer combo!)

What it does: If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, videos and their metrics are worth a 1,000,000! This is the first native video solution that enables you to share content directly within the platform and provides you all the must-have metrics for your videos.

How it works: Natively tracks who is viewing your videos, what videos they watch, how many times they watch them and for how long – throughout the Salesforce platform.

Why our experts love it: It doesn’t matter if your video content is hosted on a 3rd party public or private platform, SCORM Anywhere, gathers all video engagement data. That is what we call Awesomesauce! However, as great as it is on its own…our experts love it combined with Redwing Learning (see below). With both apps, you can easily implement a full function, cutting edge Learning Management System (LMS).


(We recommend this app be used in conjunction with SCORM Anywhere to really blow your socks off!)

What it does: Do you want to help implement a user-training program for your products or services? And do you want to do it for free? Redwing Learning is the answer!

How it works: Create learning content and activities including: quizzes, external resources and even check-ins at specific locations. Then simply assign training content to your Salesforce users, monitor their progress and reward them with existing badges or customer learning badges. A quick heads up – Thanks (also free) must be enabled in your org prior to installing RedWing.

Why our experts love it: The Learners Leaderboard – because who doesn’t like a little healthy competition to motivate user training! That plus, with SCORM Anywhere (see above), you can track who is watching all your awesome training videos.

Round Robin Record Assignment

What it does: You set up the types of leads/records you want assigned and the group(s) they should be assigned to and sit back and watch it work!

How it works: Allows for you to create a simple sequential assignment of record ownership. Gives you the flexibility to assign group based configurations. Enables unlimited clustering of round robin assignments.

Why our experts love it: Some organizations/contractors certainly can develop their own tools to perform this activity (at a cost). Round Robin Record Assignment has done some solid foundational work to get you started with a flexible round robin solution (at no cost).


What it does: If you use Salesforce as your core business platform and don’t have an automated quoting solution, SteelBrick is an app you should seriously consider.

How it works: If your business is like many others out there, you probably do not use a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool or you have multiple versions of “quote tools” that resemble clunky excel spreadsheets. With SteelBrick, you can configure the app based on your unique business rules and logic and create proposals, quotes and email templates. The end result is an easy, fast and accurate Quote-to-Cash process.

Why our experts love it: We have seen companies’ transition from quotes being created by a small army of admins, with zero control and no automation to a fully automated and 100% accurate solution with SteelBrick. Now that Salesforce has acquired SteelBrick, this will undoubtedly become the “go to” CPQ solutions for most Salesforce customers over the next few years. So jump on in, the water is fine!

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