Forcivity and Bottomline: Customer Stories

Bottomline & Forcivity: Optimizing Customer Experience

Bottomline used the support from Forcivity to regain optimal customer experience and streamline their internal technology.  With the right tactical approach and expertise of the Salesforce infrastructure, the two teams were able to beautifully design a new customer portal and uncover areas to improve the personalization of their end product.

Who is Bottomline?

Bottomline is a global business payment transformation company; they automate and digitize all that is possible. Transforming these everyday processes by removing the complexity behind it allows businesses around the world to pay and get paid.

Bottomline’s end-to-end AP automation solutions provide noticeable payment efficiency by simplifying the entire invoice-to-pay process. By strengthening a company’s existing ERP infrastructure investments, AP automation can deliver noteworthy cost savings and a rapid ROI.

With customer delight defining their core values, they’re able to make complex business payments simple and secure. 

The Challenge

With an ever-changing product landscape, growing pains can occur. Along with that growth came technical complexity with how Bottomline offers service and support. An outdated user portal experience wasn’t matching the high-quality product the customer was used to having.

Bottomline uncovered an opportunity to bring several internal systems, operating independently, together. As a result, they looked for guidance on how to merge them to scale more efficiently and give customers a more premium experience.

Partnership with Forcivity

From the start, Bottomline wanted their customers to experience an attractively designed user interface providing support, knowledge, and more from the convenience of one global portal. With other vendors in the running, what made Forcivity stand out was the enthusiasm of the team.

They were confident in their Salesforce design and development skills, plus they have an outstanding project management team that keeps everything on track. Where other vendors wanted to ‘boil the ocean’, Forcivity came in with a realistic plan, timeline, and budget.
Kelly Hoopes, Bottomline
Kelly Hoopes
Senior Director, Customer Success Enablement

Approach for a Fully Customized Solution

Bottomline’s motivation was to create a product design platform that matched their needs. What followed was a partnership between Bottomline and Forcivity that answered the call.

With customer experience as the driving force behind this project, Bottomline outlined a few key objectives they wanted to achieve:                                  

  • Increase the number in customer logins
  • Increase in repeat customer visits
  • Increase customer delight

Bottomline opted for Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) because it’s a flexible system allowing users to access data in a simple, intuitive manner. In supporting Bottomline’s decision, Forcivity’s Founder & CEO Steve Baines agreed that Experience Cloud was going to be the right solution.

Experience Cloud was the perfect solution for Bottomline. In addition to looking for easy access to their customer data stored in Salesforce, they also wanted a user-friendly interface for their customers to readily use. Community Cloud delivers both.

Steve Baines

Bottomline also was determined to make the design cohesive with their existing brand. Salesforce has a distinct branding and UI style familiar to those who use it, but it can be difficult to transform it to fit one’s own brand. This was paramount to Bottomline, and Forcivity used its experience with Community customization, CSS, and our own unique proprietary product to get the job done.

Bottomline + Forcivity
Bottomline + Forcivity

Highlights of this design included:

  • A slide-out navigation menu. An undervalued feature brought to light. This was important to Bottomline because the left-hand, slide-out navigation mimics the design and interface of their public products. With their customers used to locating information in this format, Bottomline knew it would be advantageous to provide that consistency for their users.
  • Case chart and forms. A cutting-edge analysis for Salesforce communities. With a goal to increase logins and return users, Bottomline wanted to create a visually engaging yet simple and intuitive dashboard to give customers a quick-view of all their open cases as soon as they logged in.
  • Consolidating the multiple customer portals from 4 to 1. By restructuring and simplifying the process, it would save valuable time and energy for staff when updating.
  • Improving the internal business operations. This would contribute to keeping up with the new portal.

In addition to the advantageous design, Bottomline and Forcivity solved another fundamental concern for the organization: depreciating technologies.

Bottomline was sustaining four types of customer portals for various departments. Looking ahead as they and created company and department roadmaps, Bottomline wanted a unified approach to the customer portal experience.

Driving the project were goals to align technology and create even better customer experiences. Investing in this now would save them dollars and hours down the line. It was a solution that helped them not only today, but more importantly, provided the assurance of cost saving labor in the future.

The Bottomline Results

We attribute the success of this phase of the project to the experienced consultants at Forcivity and the partnership created with the Bottomline team. They used their experience with complex Salesforce architecture to build a solid foundation that would meet the needs of today while paving the way for scalability and growth.

Kelly Hoopes

Bottomline customers have greatly benefited from the newly launched community. They’ve voiced their approval and appreciation to Bottomline representatives and continue to engage with the online Community.

Making a Salesforce Community look nothing like an out-of-the-box experience is how Forcivity catered to Bottomline’s personalized needs. By helping them recreate the framework needed to maximize this new design, they were able to offer a more progressive support experience.

Molly McGee