As I reflect on this past year and the amazing ride we’ve had at Forcivity, I just can’t wipe the smile off my face.

We entered 2019 with the typical goals any startup has – increase revenue, manage expenses, grow the team, deliver for our customers. All of those things happened, which is cause for celebration.  I am thrilled that we achieved everything we set out to do – by the numbers – but, I am more excited about HOW we achieved our goals – as a team. 

I’ve been known to obsess over numbers, almost to a fault. “Running a business is just an exercise in math.” “The numbers don’t lie.” “Our forecast is $xxx.”…

Everyone on my team, and anyone I’ve worked with in the past, has heard these words more times than they can count. So, in the spirit of the holidays and the New Year, I’m going to try something different:  conveying to everyone what an incredible year we’ve had at Forcivity without referencing a single financial metric –not a single dollar value or percentage. 

January 1, 2020 marks the beginning of Forcivity’s 5th year in business. The first 4 years went by in the blink of an eye, yet they also feel like a lifetime. That’s startup life! 

A new product

This spring, we released our Component Pack for Lightning Communities, and have had two major releases since, this Summer and Fall. This product is one shining example of how passionate the team is about our work. With each release, we get a little smarter. Intuiting what our users need and adjusting to those demands. In November, seven of us flew to California to show off this product to 180,000 people at Dreamforce. The response was overwhelming, and it was extremely gratifying to see my team enjoy the fruits of their labor.  

More than the status quo

We entered 2019 as a Silver Consulting Partner with Salesforce (measured by a number of dimensions set by Salesforce). After an unexpected program change, our status as a Silver partner was in jeopardy, with a deep metric hole to climb out of. Luckily, we’re used to adjusting and adapting on-the-fly (that’s startup life, again!), and not only did we re-earn our Silver level, but we are now well on our way to Gold Partner. This is absolutely due to the hard work and dedication of our team, who took charge and lead the way to crushing this goal. While partner status isn’t everything in the Salesforce ecosystem, it means a great deal and I couldn’t be prouder of the team in achieving this. 

Give a little, help a lot

At Forcivity, we specialize in Community. In a digital sense, sure, but we can’t help but have that eek out into our everyday life. This year, we officially took the 1% pledge – pledging 1% of our equity, time, profits and products – to give back to our community. The team welcomed this initiative with open arms, and I’m so excited to see what kind good we can do in 2020.

Bigger, better, stronger

To say we’ve gone through a growth spurt this year would be an understatement. We started the year with just a handful of full-time employees alongside our trusted, long-time development partners. Little did I know that a year later our team would have tripled in size!

We’ve grown so much, in fact, that we’ve outgrown our office! We can’t wait to move into our new space in 2020. It’s a great experience to be able to see a visual, concrete (literally) representation of our growth. While we’re excited for the updated digs (and, obviously, the Bevi machine), it’s not just about the fact that we’ve grown so much – it’s about how we’ve grown. 

A-team, assemble

I can genuinely say we’ve hit the jackpot with every single team member that works here. I have never met a more passionate and compassionate group of individuals that truly care about each other, our customers and the company.

Everyone is valued first as an individual, then as a team member, then as an employee. I can espouse my values and desires about what I think constitutes a great team all I want, but these individuals are the embodiment of an amazing team. Like every other company, we falter, we make mistakes, we struggle. What’s incredible is WHEN (not if) that happens, this team digs in – and they dig in deep – to help their teammates. 

We have a saying here that it’s not about doing things perfectly or without fail, but rather about how we handle adversity and challenges when it hits the fan. This group has taught me more about what it means to be a team than I have experienced in my entire career. I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for all of us and what more I can learn from them. Without them, we are nothing. With them, we are everything.  

2020 vision

We now enter a new year and a new decade with a clear vision – to build a world-class consultancy and product organization that fosters creativity, inclusivity and fulfillment. We are committed to building and maintaining a team based on honesty, trust and camaraderie. We are committed to the success of our customers in every project in which we are engaged. We are committed to treating others equally, without bias. We are committed to the quality of our work. We are committed to contributing to our community. Most importantly, we are committed to each other. 

Steve Baines