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The following items must be present before installing the Component Pack for Lightning Communities:
– Communities must be enabled in your org (Setup / Communities / All Communities).
– You must have chatter enabled (Setup / Chatter / Chatter Settings).
– You must have my domain set (Setup / My Domain).

Version 3.10

Released January 21, 2020

  • Salesforce Spring ’20 release ready
  • Updated app homepage performance and user experience
  • Updated help videos
  • Updates and fixes to several of our components:
    • Record list:
      • Now supports multiple currencies, localized per user
      • Fixed .csv download
      • Date formatted fields now show as date, not date/time
    • Tile:
      • Fixed URL target issue
    • Terms & Conditions: Updated configuration UI
    • Libraries:
      • Updated configuration UI
      • Updated filter logic
  • Increased default spacing between dual buttons (and Hero)
  • Improved button styling for button type and hover state
  • Updated browser support for Microsoft Edge

Version 3.7

Released December 27, 2019

See the Quick Start Guide for more information.

We’ve made significant updates to several of our components.

  • Libraries – Folders and sub-folders can now be selected.
  • Images – Support for the use of the latest version of the file.
  • Events – Added an option to not show past events, and be able to set a ‘no events’ message. Added formatting options for event button.
  • Alerts – Now allows for icon type to be selected.
  • Tiles – Simplified rich text editor toolbar. Added ‘set link’ button.
  • Record list – Improved large dataset performance and updated download .csv feature.

We also made adjustments to non-component features:

  • Admin user access – Added a permission set (Forcivity Component Pack Admin), allowing for other admin users to be assigned to the application.
  • Application home page CTA – Updated the calls to action. Added a ‘remember’ setting when the user collapses the tiles.
  • Mobile – Improvements to the mobile experience
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2

Released November 14, 2019

  • Configuration wizard 
    1. We’ve broken down our component building into 4 easy steps. We’ve grouped similar configurations together to make the editing process simpler.  
  • Live preview 
    1. One of the best features of our product is that you can see what the components will look like as you configure them. We’ve enhanced this in our newest version, so you don’t even need to save to see your changes. Get creative with your settings, and don’t be surprised when you add them to your page. 
  • Record List  
    1. Support multiple filters. 
    2. Added an export option.  
  • Events 
    1. Added the ability to connect to a Salesforce Calendar. 
  • General 
    1. More formatting options for all components. 
    2. Minor bug fixes. 

Version 3.1

Released September 24, 2019

  • Removed Knowledge dependency for installation.
  • Added installation requirements (see above).

Version 3.0

Released September 16, 2019

Summer 19 update. See the Quick Start Guide.

  • Updated configuration page with quick start tiles
  • Move Export/Import to the new Admin Tabs
  • Added live preview to component configuration
  • Added ability to toggle component preview (actual / show padding/margin)
  • Add formatting options for margin and padding
  • New color picker including brand colors
  • Component visibility start/end data/time added
  • Updated existing component features
  • Improved mobile experience for all components
  • New components
    • Search
    • Search results
    • Title
    • Term and Conditions
  • Updated to Lightning Web Components

Known Issues:

  • Search only supports the option of Pre-scope turned on.

Version 2.0

Released May 17, 2019

  • New component preview when configuring components.
  • Components are now available within the Lightning App Builder as well as the Community Builder.
  • Set top and bottom margin in pixels (px) and view within the component configuration.
  • Added Library component.
  • Changed button width to a % slider to match standard buttons.
  • Added column sizing for record lists.
  • Added a full round option for buttons.
  • Added a Welcome Mat to help you get started.
  • Added a tab for each open component allowing for easier editing and switching between components.
  • Improved the grouping to make editing of component easier.
  • Bug fix for record visibility setting.
  • Bug fix for setting event date.
  • Summer 19 update – See the Quick Start Guide for component visibility changes.

Version 1.4

Released March 14, 2019

  • Added Tiles component.
  • Added new Hero options.
  • Added Back Button component.
  • Added Welcome Mat component.
  • Images can now be selected from, and uploaded to, the Files / Asset Library.
  • Updated the Quick start guide adding notes on how to setup libraries for image reuse within components.

Version 1.2

Released March 4, 2019

  • Full release, now available in the AppExchange.

Version 1.0

Released January 18, 2019

  • Initial release (Beta).

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