Below is a selection of our most popular components. We’re always innovating and adding more functionality to our component pack, so make sure to stay up-to-date with Forcivity!

2 Columns with Image

  • 2 columns, one with a title and description, and another with an image.
  • Show the image to right, left, top, or bottom of the title and description.
  • Use images from your Asset Library
2 Columns with Video

  • 2 columns, one with a title and description, and another with a video.
  • Show the video to right, left, top, or bottom of the title and description.
  • Videos must be available on a video server (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube)
  • Uses an iFrame embed code.

  • Vertical stacked and expandable menu.
  • Define multiple sections with descriptive text.
  • Select a section to be opened by default, or have them all collapsed (default).
  • Rich text support for accordion details.


  • A banner used to notify your users of important dates, messages, warning, etc.
  • Alerts types are info, error, and warning.
  • Standard colors for the selected alert. These can be changed.
  • Alerts can be closed for the current browser session.

Back Button

  • Create a button that returns to the previous community page.
  • Or to the top of current page.

  • A button with options for type, formatting, icon, and text above the button.
  • Highly configurable to meet your needs.
  • Button color and background are based on button type and branding colors.
  • Add optional text and helper text above the button.

  • Section label with options for title, icon, card link, and description.
  • Totally configurable as a section heading, label with icon and link, and optional description.
Dual Buttons

  • Dual buttons with options for type, formatting, icon, and text above the buttons.
  • Same features as the single button, except two buttons are shown.

  • Event information with options for title, icon, link, location, and description.
  • Configure a link to your next event including options for time, location, description, and registration button.
Google Map

  • Add a Google Map based on an address.
  • Set the zoom scale to determine how close the map zooms by default.

  • Hero or Call to Action with options for title, description, breadcrumbs, and buttons.
  • The hero can be used anywhere on a page of as a call to action.
  • Background images and one or two buttons can be used.
  • Add one or more breadcrumbs by clicking the Add button. The 1st breadcrumb should be Home (e.g., /s).

  • Display a specific Library with options for display type, filters, and more
  • Show a specific library.
    Allow for easy navigation between library folders.
  • Choose multiple display styles (e.g., tiles, list, or details).
  • Set filters by files name or file type to show just the files you want.
Record List

  • A simple record list for standard or custom objects .
  • Full control over what is show on your record lists.
  • Select an object and select the fields to show and the default sort order.
  • Filters can be defined to refine your results.
  • Set the number of record to load. Additional records are loaded as you scroll.

  • Create tiles by row and column for calls to action.
  • Set how many items you want per row.
  • Set up to two rows.
    Use background images and/or icons.
  • Select an animation style (none, flip, hover).
Vertical List

  • A list of links (internal and external).
  • Define the title, link, background, and optional icon.
  • Simple to add items to the list.
  • Items can be re-ordered by dragging the list icon within the configuration.
Welcome Mat

  • Show on-boarding steps for a site, process, ect.
  • Status is shown to the user.
  • Add multiple links are tracked based on the users progress
  • These can be pages, files, websites, videos, or Knowledge Articles.
  • The progress is stored in a custom field for logged in users.