Correlead is configured using Custom Settings. To get to Custom Setting you can go to Setup / Custom Code / Custom Settings or click the link from the Correlead app Home Page.

You will see the Correlead Lead Settings, click Manage to edit the settings.

Click Edit to change the organization wide default settings.

Click New if you want to define settings based on a Profile or specific User. This will override the organization wide default settings.

Clicking Edit will display the following screen.

Correlead Settings:

When checked, account matching will be performed when a lead is added or updated. Correlead uses standard Salesforce matching rules.

  • Auto Associate to Accounts on Insert
  • Auto Associate to Accounts on Update

When checked, leads will be converted into accounts and contacts for new or updated leads. Leads will no longer be shown (by default) when converted.

  • Auto Convert Leads on Insert
  • Auto Convert Leads on Update

When selected, if no matching account is found, a new account will be created for new or updated leads.

  • Auto Create Accounts on Insert
  • Auto Create Accounts on Update

When selected, the lead owner will be set to the account owner when a contact match is found for new or updated leads.

  • Assign Leads to Account Owner

When selected, account matching will be performed for new or updated leads. The threshold is a % value for how exact the match needs to be. Typically, we don’t recommend a very low value <60%. Check the Salesforce matching rules to see the thresholds Salesforce sets.

  • Use Account Matching Rule
  • Account Match Confidence Threshold


Decide how your business wants to manage leads and setup Correlead accordingly.

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