Correlead helps you manage the workflow for lead assignment. One of the key features is the ability to match leads to accounts. While Correlead utilizes standard Salesforce matching rules, Correlead uses and maintains an additional matching tool, the email domain of the lead.

Email Domains

Matching lead email domains are a good way to improve account matching. Correlead helps by creating and maintaining the email domains listed within your accounts. Just ensure you define email domains for all your accounts.

When you install Correlead, it looks at any email domains that have been assigned to your accounts. You can also define multiple email domains per account. Just ensure the Email Domain Related List has been added to your Account page layout.

You can also review the accounts that have been added with the Email Domains tab in Correlead. You can add, edit, or delete email domains from either page (Account Related List or Correlead Email Domains).

Email Blacklist

If email domains are being used for matching, there is one problem to avoid and that is the matching of public email domains (e.g.,,, etc.). To avoid this issue, Correlead creates an email domain blacklist containing common public sites. You can add, edit, or delete entries from this list.

To review or update the Email blacklist, go to Setup / Custom Settings, and select Manage for the Email Domain Blacklist.

Email domains are a useful tool when matching leads to accounts, and Correlead does all the heavy lifting for you!

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