There are two ways Correlead helps make lead assignment better; matching accounts and contacts, and using email domains. Each company has different requirements for managing leads, and Correlead gives you more options.

Match Accounts and Contacts and Create Accounts

One way to reduce manual work and improve the quality of your leads is using Correlead to help match existing accounts and contacts, and tie them together effortlessly. These options include:

1) Match leads to an account and contact
Optionally, Correlead can match the lead to an existing account and contact. This allows the lead to show in the account details (as long as Leads are within your related lists).

Both account and contact matching have a threshold percent.  This is a value of 0-100%. Typically the threshold should be set fairly high (>80%) to ensure improper matches aren’t found.

Note: Correlead uses standard Salesforce matching rules.

2) Create accounts if there is no match
If an account match was not found, Correlead will create the account and the lead will be attached to that account. The contact isn’t created until the lead is converted.

3) Assign the account owner to a lead
If there is an account owner for the matched account, Correlead can automatically assign the user to the lead.


Email Domains

Another way Correlead helps to match accounts is by email domain. Correlead creates and maintains a list of email domains based on the ones defined in the account record.

1) Email Domains
One of the best ways to match a lead is by email, it’s unique and is tied to a single company. So if a user has a known email domain, the match will be made to that account.

2) Multiple email domains
You can define multiple emails for a domain using the Email Domain related list on the account record. If a company uses multiple email domains, you can add them to the list and Correlead will do the rest. Note: You may need to add this related list to the Account page layout.

3) Email Blacklists
Correlead will also ignore any common, public email addresses (e.g.,,, etc.) as these are not unique company email domains.


Want to find out more?

Visit the Correlead product page for more details, links, and to contact us.


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