Correlead is the easiest, quickest method to get incoming leads belonging to your existing accounts in front of the right person – instantly.

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Account Matching

Correlead uses the standard Salesforce account matching rules to insure leads from existing accounts get matched automatically.

Lead Assignment to Account Managers

When leads are matched to an existing account, Correlead can automatically assign the lead to the account owner.

Auto-Conversion of Leads

If your organization uses account and contacts, Correlead can automatically convert the leads and match existing accounts and contacts.

Backup and Restore

Correlead offers the ability to backup, and restore, your lead assignment rules. Before making changes your your standard lead assignment rules, make sure you can get back to the original if issues arise..

Email Domains

Correlead automatically creates entries in the account email domain related list. These domain are used as an aide in account matching.

Email Domain Blacklist

Correlead creates a list of common personal email domains (e.g.,, This allows for handling leads with personal email domain differently than business domains.


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Backup and Restore

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