Eight Great Salesforce Things

Eight Great Salesforce Things

Eight is great and so are all of these Salesforce things. This isn’t a list of just awesome Salesforce applications…it also includes how to be the best dressed Salesforce Admin, where to get the greatest Salesforce giggle, and how to get your Salesforce data spic and span.


Picking a Top Notch Salesforce Administrator
You have Salesforce…now what? You’ve got to get yourself an Admin. This infographic reminds you of the essential qualities that make up a great Salesforce Admin…like voice and heart! So sorry tin man – you are not qualified to be an Admin.


90 Must Know Things for Every Salesforce Administrator

This post, by Brent Downey, takes a retrospective look back into what he learned over his first five years as a Salesforce Admin. One of our favorites is #30, “Don’t assume. Assumptions can get you into a pickle, and a lot of people don’t like pickles.”


Best Dressed in Salesforce

Looking stylish while you are solving Salesforce problems is not necessary but it definitely doesn’t hurt. This t-shirt looks great and the message on it is pure perfection! For those of you that like to Pin on Pinterest…add this to one of your boards!


Salesforce Belly Laughs

Do you like sarcasm? Do you love Salesforce but sometimes want to pick it up and toss it across the room? Do you like to laugh? This might just be one of the best Salesforce focused Instagram feeds out there. (Yes, it’s our IG account…but it really is awesome. And you don’t have to take our word for it, just ask one of the new followers we get every couple minutes!)


Spic and Span Salesforce Data

This post might be a few years old but the themes still ring true today. It’s all about addressing the problems dirty data creates across your business and where to get started to clean up the icky mess


Top 10 Salesforce Tools

This SlideShare hits on many topics such as deleting reports, the pains of role hierarchy and struggles with data management in Salesforce – just to name a few. This presentation asks the straightforward questions every business should be asking and makes some solid recommendations on to how to get these struggles under control.


Best Practices: Salesforce Lead Source

Hello Marketers! This one is especially for you. Before you continue calculating your Marketing Campaign ROI, make sure you are following these 5 tips. Did you know it’s not a good idea to use the campaign as the lead source? Neither did we.


The Best Salesforce Applications You Probably Aren’t Using

There is an app for that…however finding the right one on the AppExchange from the thousands to pick from can be compared to finding a needle in haystack. So our experts (who are excellent hay sifters) have uncovered some top the best Salesforce apps, you are probably not even using – but definitely should be!

Steve Baines

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who loves working with early stage, technology-focused startups. His latest venture is as Founder and CEO of Forcivity - a Salesforce.com ISV and Consulting Partner firm, specializing in architectural, integration, development and strategic services. He has a diverse background in technology as well as sales and marketing, all with an eye toward building highly profitable, successful companies. Steve has a passion for helping others realize their potential, enabling them to grow both personally and professionally and loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others in the hopes they will do the same with him. Steve has been a volunteer for the Crispin’s House Coalition for Youth Juvenile Court Diversion program since 2006, is organizer of the Manchester NH Salesforce.com Developer Group and a co-organizer of the Salesforce User Community Conference, Northeast Dreamin'. He is a graduate from Southern NH University with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance, M.S. in Information Technology, and an M.B.A. Steve is a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.

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