Forcivity Conductor – Giving back what the Cloud has taken

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Forcivity Conductor – Giving back what the Cloud has taken



noun: a means of limiting or regulating something


Control – Where has it gone?


While many cloud applications have made life easier for some of us with the ease-of-use and access-anywhere benefits of being in the Cloud – Users, admins, and technical staff still struggle with the control they have operating under a pre-defined set of rules.


With Forcivity’s Conductor, power users and admins can regain control over their data that was once held hostage and regain the flexibility and control they need. Forcivity’s Conductor creates a unified sales, marketing and operations data platform allowing organizations to leverage what they need most, their data. By regaining control over data access, reporting and protection – Conductor removes the limitation admins and technical staff once had with their data. With Conductor, the possibilities are limitless with unrestricted, transaction-level protection and access to data from industry leading applications such as, NetSuite, Marketo, Eloqua and more. With Conductor, users can focus on Reporting, Access and Protection.


Build Reports and Automate Information Flow With Clicks, Not Code

With Conductor, data that was previously inaccessible via the application interface is now available. Historical views of information can be used for reporting whether it happened last week, last month or last year.


Reporting Features:

  • Share any data source with Salesforce users in minutes as a Custom or External Object using Lightning Connect
  • Automatically expose data to standard reporting engines and Salesforce Wave Analytics
  • Create custom queries and cross-platform, crowd source reports
  • Easy to use interface can reduce report generation time by 90%


Unlocking Inaccessible Data

Many applications restrict access to data for a variety of reasons which essentially prevents users access to that data. Conductor unlocks the door and allows users to effectively assimilate, manage and autonomously create tailored reports on a presentation tool of choice.


Access Features:

  • Access data easily anywhere, anytime with any tool
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for IT involvement
  • Sync data bi-directionally across Salesforce and SQL Server
  • Manipulate data wherever it lives, on-premise or in the cloud


Comprehensive, Granular Protection of Data

Conductors point-in-time, record and field level recovery allows both real-time and batch restoration. The granular change capture functionality of Conductor enables comprehensive transaction-level protection, essentially an “undo” button for your database. You effectively can go back in time – Ctrl-Z for!


Protection Features:

  • Restore point-in-time record level and field-level data in real-time and batch
  • Report on historical data, in its original format
  • Protect data at the transaction-level with full change capture



Forcivity’s Conductor is about Reporting, Access and Protection. We want to give you the control back that the Cloud has taken. For more information please visit our website To schedule a demo or have any questions answered please email me at


Ben Yaris

CTO Forcivity

Ben Yaris

A self-proclaimed car and golf addict, Ben participates in many charity golf events and car cruises—having fun and doing good while doing it. He is also working on a venture, Next Shot Golf, LLC that will no doubt benefit his game someday. With Ben’s abilities to channel the force into a Salesforce app, Forcivity is no doubt set to be in hyperdrive to assist its customers!

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