Forcivity’s Correlead Version 3 now available in the AppExchange

Introducing Correlead Version 3

Forcivity announced that the next version of Correlead, which is the easiest, quickest method to get incoming leads belonging to your existing accounts in front of the right person – instantly, is now available.

The new version makes setup and configuration easier due to a new Homepage and adds Backup and Restore of Lead Assignment Rules.


What’s New

The following are the most noteworthy updates in Version 3:

  • Updated application to make setup simple and easy.
  • Updated Correlead App Homepage:
    • How-to videos are included right from the Home page.
    • Added all key links to documentation, support, and feedback.
    • Links to the Custom Settings and Lead Assignment rules.
  • Add Backup and Restore of Lead Assignment Rules.
  • Support for no email leads.
  • Support for multiple email domains.

To get a 30-day trial version, visit the Salesforce AppExchange.



Greg Jankowski

As the Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Forcivity, he oversees product management and strategy. For Greg, enabling customers to get the most from their technologies, streamline processes, and drive data driven decisions is the most rewarding part of his role.

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