Introducing Correlead Version 3

Forcivity announced that the next version of Correlead, which is the easiest, quickest method to get incoming leads belonging to your existing accounts in front of the right person – instantly, is now available.

The new version makes setup and configuration easier due to a new Homepage and adds Backup and Restore of Lead Assignment Rules.


What’s New

The following are the most noteworthy updates in Version 3:

  • Updated application to make setup simple and easy.
  • Updated Correlead App Homepage:
    • How-to videos are included right from the Home page.
    • Added all key links to documentation, support, and feedback.
    • Links to the Custom Settings and Lead Assignment rules.
  • Add Backup and Restore of Lead Assignment Rules.
  • Support for no email leads.
  • Support for multiple email domains.

To get a 30-day trial version, visit the Salesforce AppExchange.



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