In case you missed the exciting news last week, we had the opportunity to speak to NHBR and Manchester Ink Link about Forcivity’s growth and being ranked #157 in the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America List. 

First, Forcivity Founder and CEO, Steve Baines, joined Keith Spiro Communicast to discuss the rapid growth Forcivity has seen in the past four years. Keith is the Founder of Keith Spiro Communicast, Principal of Keith Spiro Media, and a contributor to Manchester Ink Link. Keith interviews Steve about why we ranked so highly on the list, discusses the impressive 2,400% revenue growth, and digs into what makes Forcivity the company it is today. 

In light of today’s environment, Steve spent time speaking about the challenges that came with the Covid-19 Pandemic and how crucial it was for Forcivity to power through and adjust to the “new normal.” In January, Forcivity had just signed a lease for a new office for its growing team. Steve credits how well the team came together, worked hard, and didn’t miss a beat when it came to adjusting and meeting customer needs. Steve commented on how he continues to find new ways to motivate himself, stay positive, and encourage those around him. We are a stronger company because of this! 

On the Down to Business Podcast by NH Business Review, Jeff and Liisa also interview Steve on the recent recognition Forcivity has achieved being first in the Granite State. Steve explains to NHBR’s Editor and Associate Editor about the company’s growth, the process to be selected, and how impressive of a ranking it is considering the company only started in 2016. He shared the story of finding out their rank and surprising the staff. Steve also covers how Forcivity serves many different verticals when it comes to their customers and how different customers were impacted by the pandemic and the continued momentum he sees for Forcivity.

Steve didn’t miss the opportunity to give thanks to all during both interviews. Forcivity thanks its loyal customers, clients, and employees for their cooperation and resiliency through this time. It was great for us to share the growth of Forcivity and how the hard-working people behind our company!

Thanks for having us Keith, Jeff, and Liisa!

Molly McGee