How to get the most from Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool which businesses can use to keep their customer records organized and updated. In addition to the basic organizational features of the software, Salesforce offers a variety of enterprise tools, which include automated marketing options, analytics, customer service features, and application development. 

The usability and optimization of this software is truly astounding. However, as a business owner or basic user of the software, spending the time to optimize and use Salesforce to its full potential may seem overwhelming and time consuming. 

Similar to other cloud-based software tools and CRM technologies, continued management is important to ensure users are unlocking all of the platform’s functions. With new updates comes new features, and many times users do not allocate the time to understand, access, or utilize these new options.

5 Tips to master Salesforce

After the winter release, we wanted to take a deeper dive into several features that we’ve noticed some of our clients were not utilizing on a consistent basis. Each one has their own functionality and opportunities to enhance the productivity of your day-to-day Salesforce experience.

Einstein Search

The Einstein Search tool is available on most versions of Salesforce, and enables far more efficiency within the platform than before. With its artificial intelligence (AI) function, users will receive personalized search results based on their record inquiry. 

Beyond basic record access, users can edit the record right from the search function, as well as see Quick Links that are directly related to that particular record itself. Within these Quick Links, users can review related documents, edit statuses of particular items, and more.

Hidden text fields

Searching within the list view can be incredibly helpful when using Salesforce’s CRM technology. Unfortunately, this is limited to text fields only, such as addresses or contact names. In reality, several other fields would benefit from being searchable as well. 

The best way to work around this would be adding hidden text fields with the non-text field data. By doing so, the limitation of text-only fields being searchable is eliminated. Understandably, this may take a bit more time when it comes to data entry, but when it’s implemented as a part of the initial data entry process you will see the additional time investment pays dividends when it comes to increased functionality. 

Split Screen View

Split screen view is one of the most underutilized functions of several software tools, and Salesforce is no different. We’ve found, of the clients using the split screen function, they only do so within task views. Although this is better than not using the function at all, it’s important that users understand the functionality expands beyond the task view. 

One of the best ways to use the split screen view is within any other list view, as well as the contacts tab. For example, if a sales representative is going through their contacts for lead generation follow ups, they can split their screen to update the records accordingly, without having to go back and forth. This allows for increased productivity, and better time management.


Did you know you can send notifications from Salesforce to your clients? Did you also know you can customize those notifications to display even when their mobile device is locked? This may be something like a shipping update, or a requested quote alert, or even notifying the department head of a large order that was placed.

These are fully customizable depending on your needs, and are a great way to promote timely updates to the appropriate parties.


The Salesforce CRM technology offers a variety of ways to customize your platform. First, we encourage users to utilize the favorites function. This may be a report, folder, or even contacts that they use frequently. By adding something to your favorites, you’re then able to add it to the navigation item menu, located across the top of the screen, making it even easier to access. Speaking of the navigation item menu, you can drag and drop your tabs into an order that makes sense for your particular work flow. 

In addition to modifying your favorites to expedite access, users can also set up a custom launchpad to directly have access to their contact lists, files, notes, external websites, and more. One of the things we love about the launchpad is the usability and versatility of the tool, specifically for mobile. With large icons, the threat of fat-thumbing something on your mobile device is reduced, and the customization component is the cherry on top. 

Salesforce Assistance

Salesforce, just as any other CRM or cloud-based software program, requires continued management. Given Salesforce updates occur three times a year, and often not only include performance enhancements, but also security patches, it is vital that every organization keep the software updated. 

At Forcivity, we are a full service consultancy firm that helps businesses digitally transform their service operations by capitalizing on technology to create impactful changes to both the employee and customer experiences. Managing these technological components can be difficult and time consuming for some, which is why it often may not get done. This can lead to improperly managed software that may experience security vulnerabilities, in addition to poor utilization from the employees for which it is supposed to help. 

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Molly McGee