What is field service lightning?

Jolt Consulting Group, now operating as Forcivity, has helped several manufacturing businesses implement new CRM solutions to improve and make key upgrades to existing systems. 

Our case studies of some of these projects provide valuable insight into how some of the world’s leading manufacturing businesses use CRM to elevate their business operations. 

In this guide, we’ve summarized our findings from these case studies to demonstrate just how manufacturing CRM helps businesses manage customer relationships and automate internal administrative operations. Let’s dive in.

Allendale Machinery Systems

Allendale Machinery Systems is a third-generation company, with offices in New Jersey and New York. Their focus is delivering premier machining technology, automation, tooling, and engineering expertise. Their services include CNC/machine training, machine installation, and providing troubleshooting for customers. 


Allendale Machinery Systems set out to upgrade their field service management platform from SFDC ServiceMax field service management package to the SFDC Field Service Lightning package. Here were some of the challenges identified prior to upgrading:

  • Field service technicians were having trouble with the mobile application, which hindered their ability to deliver quality service.
  • Inventory management was not consistent with their SVMX instance.
  • Their team was not taking advantage of all that SVMX had to offer.
  • The team was concerned about data loss during the upgrade.

The CRM Solution

With the help of Forcivity, Allendale Machinery Systems was able to implement the CRM solution upgrade and address the challenges identified prior to implementation.

  • Inventory management was simplified via a one-click solution that filled out every required field on a service report and gave Allendale more control over the management of their consignment inventory.
  • Streamlined troubleshooting efforts by providing all customers with a quote. For calls that require a technician, a pre-populated form is filled that includes all the tools and information they will need to complete their service.
  • Mapped out technician territories, gave technicians more control over their schedules, and automated labor calculations through time stamps all to make field service management more automated.

To learn more about how Allendale Machinery Systems uses CRM, check out the Allendale case study.


ExOne is an international technology company specializing in 3D printing and its related services. ExOne provides 3D printing machines, products, and other services to companies spanning multiple industries across the world. 


ExOne had already been using CRM solutions in past years, but was ready for an upgrade to meet their evolving needs as a growing company. Pain points identified prior to upgrading included limited adoption of their previous CRM solution, challenges using mobile app for techs, poor load times, and difficulty navigating the platform.

The CRM Solution

After Forcivity successfully helped ExOne upgrade to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning solution some immediate improvements were seen. These improvements included:

  • Increased CRM adoption throughout the organization, including technicians who previously had trouble using the mobile tech.
  • A more comprehensive CRM infrastructure, as ExOne sought to improve other areas of functionality within their organization with additional Salesforce services, including Community.
  • ExOne gained more control over their data, organization, and internal structures.

To learn more about how ExOne uses CRM, check out the EXONE case study.


Intralox, LLC is a global company, delivering solutions to its clients across over 40 countries. Undertaking a relatively new venture in 2019, Intralox’s PSS project will transform customer relations to meet evolving customer expectations and provide excellent service. 


Forcivity aided Intralox through its Sales Cloud and Field Service Lightning implementation, a necessary change for the PSS project. Unfortunately, Intralox was suffering from a lack of cohesive visibility across their organization. Additionally, poor communication among field technicians, customers, and the internal office made delivering excellent customer service challenging. 

Inventory, parts, warranties, and other essential data was impossible to track accurately. Moreover, a lack of automation throughout the organization made repeating processes time-consuming and tedious. Intralox needed a system that would remedy all these problems without significantly disrupting their processes. 

The CRM Solution

With Salesforce Sales Cloud and Field Service Lightning implemented, Intralox was able to embark on their PSS project with confidence. Forcivity worked to redesign their service business processes to optimize efficiency.

As a result of the implementation and organizational changes, Intralox reduced its internal resource budget, enhanced service support’s effectiveness, created a 360-view of the organization, and improved overall communication. 

To learn more about how Intralox uses CRM, check out the Intralox case study.

Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies is a company delivering leading radiation safety technology, measurement, and science. With a vast team working to bring cutting-edge technology, Mirion had to work to bring together its workforce to create a more streamlined and comprehensive environment.


Forcivity identified key challenges to the consolidation process. Both orgs needed to be cleaned up and optimized before the move. Middleware projects need to be moved to the Meridian org and the Sales Cloud configuration needed major adjustments to make the move viable. 

The CRM Solution

It’s challenging to merge two workspaces in different time zones at the best of times. However, with Forcivity’s help, Mirion was able to maximize their consolidation effort. By hosting a Sales Process Workshop and enabling the Lightning experience, the two organizations combined and worked seamlessly in a newly optimized single Salesforce org. 

To learn more about how Mirion uses CRM, check out the Mirion case study.

G&G Industrial Lighting

G&G Industrial Lighting is a company that manufactures cutting-edge lighting solutions for special environments. Their solutions can be found across multiple industries, including the food processing, car wash, transit, and automotive services. They travel all around the world, from G&G’s manufacturing facility in Clifton Park, New York. With success in their business practices, G&G looked to improve their internal operations by implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions alongside Salesforce Pardot. 


Although G&G was delivering high-quality products to its customers, its internal data systems and processes were disorganized. Without a centralized system and processes, G&G’s teams had no way to communicate with one another. This disorganization also affected sales, marketing, and manufacturing departments within the organization. 

The CRM Solution

Through the successful implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot, G&G saw great improvements in its sales process, from lead generation to support. With a single, comprehensive system, data was organized to ensure that each department had access to all vital information whenever it was needed. 

To learn more about how G&G Industrial Lighting uses CRM, check out the G&G Industrial Lighting case study.


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