In the previous series post, Steve Baines, founder and CEO of Forcivity Inc., took us through his early years in tech and his origins as an entrepreneur. With years of experience, a defining moment during a session at TrailheaDX, he turned his attention toward becoming one of the few Salesforce Certified Technical Architects globally. He believes, that coupled with Forcivity’s unparalleled products and services, Salesforce Trailhead and Certification programs are essential to demonstrating the company’s value- to our clients, colleagues and community.

Baines’ pursuit of becoming a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect began in the spring of 2017 as he embarked on the Salesforce Architect Journey. He was first certified in 2014 as a Salesforce Certified Developer. In May 2017 he quickly transitioned to Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and attained the System Administrator and Platform App Builder Certifications that same month. After an unsuccessful attempt at the Integration Architecture Designer certification exam in June- a role he has excelled in throughout his career- a shocked and dejected Baines took time to focus on the business and reassess his approach to certification.

Shortly after Forcivity joined Salesforce as a consulting partner in the fall of 2017, he targeted the application certification specializations and domain architecture tier of the Salesforce Architect Journey. He began with certifications as a Sharing and Visibility Designer, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Data & Architecture Management Designer. By year’s end, Baines was a Salesforce Certified Application Architect.

Kicking off 2018 with renewed confidence and a solid foundation, Baines set his sights on the system architecture specializations and domain architecture tier of the Salesforce Architect Journey. Beginning with the once elusive Integration Architecture Designer exam in early February 2018, he found success and within the month achieved certifications as Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer, Identity and Access Management Designer, and finally as a Salesforce Certified System Architect. Having attained the foundational certifications required in the Salesforce Architect Journey, Baines was now well on his way to realizing his goal of earning the Salesforce certification as a Technical Architect.

Described as one of the greatest challenges of his career, we’ll rejoin Baines on his path to becoming a CTA with a detailed account of his preparation and exam experience in our next post. See you there!

Steve Baines