How to utilize digital transformation technologies to improve customer experience

In 2020, the digital transformation market was valued at over $998 billion globally. A big reason for this is that digital transformation affects all industries. Some manufacturing companies use digital tools to automate and streamline processes, while other industries use digital technologies to increase customer engagement.

Even though digital transformation impacts different industries in differing ways, digital technologies are crucial for companies in all industries to grow and modernize their operations. Due to COVID-19, businesses had to rethink their current systems and incorporate technologies—including artificial intelligence—to create robots that companies can use to provide safety for their workers and combat disruptions to supply chains while establishing a more efficient operation.

As we enter 2022, it is predicted that most of the international economy will be motivated by digital technology. Companies will focus on building a one-stop experience that’s as smooth and convenient as possible. In order to create a profitable customer experience strategy, digital technology can help businesses gather the necessary data to understand their customers.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is when a company reassesses its overall operations to create a new model of business that includes digital technologies to improve the customer experience. The most important factor of digital transformation is that it does not replace existing systems but incorporates technology to make them more effective.

Here are the top four topics in the world of digital transformation:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing

Digital transformations, when applied to service operations, can greatly improve the customer experience. Modern consumers primarily support organizations that they find trustworthy, and that follow through on their promises. These customers interact mostly with organizations that value their customers, especially ones that offer a hassle-free experience.

As more digital tools become available, companies can replace outdated technology to help increase efficiency and remain competitive in their respective industries. Replacing obsolete systems can also help employees in an organization improve their communication to allow for better collaboration, especially as more companies begin automating processes and enabling remote work opportunities.

According to Salesforce, it is reported that 71% of customers determine that brand loyalty is directly related to their customer service experience. Additionally, the inclusion of digital technologies has changed their outlook on a company and the services they receive. However, brand loyalty is not possible without improving the employee experience as well. Cultivating a better customer experience and employee experience increases a company’s chances of growth as employees are the key factor in promoting brand loyalty.

Salesforce Digital Transformation

Over time, most organization operations have turned digital. This digital age has allowed us to streamline production and enhance customer experience. As a result, the amount of available digital technologies has vastly increased. Since many organizations have embraced the customizable and engaging experiences built through digitized processes, customers view and interact with brands more selectively than ever before.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution presses on, companies need to consider integrating digital tools and technology into their processes, to reach their audience as effectively as possible. Business approaches that use digital technology allow you to reach and interact with your target market.

While incorporating digital tools is essential in driving business growth, finding the right technology that can integrate with your operations and work with your systems is equally as important.

 The Salesforce CRM Platform offers cloud-based solutions that allow companies to optimize and automate their business processes. Digital transformation uses tools to enhance or overhaul these processes, and builds a way to compete against the changing market in this digital age. Salesforce Platform can help simplify your business workflows and boost customer interactions.

Strengthen your Salesforce experience with Forcivity

The Salesforce Lightning Platform allows businesses to digitize their processes while adding extra services to get the full potential of your Salesforce CRM. Focused on building a better customer experience strategy, it can modernize the customer experience. Salesforce Experience Cloud can also help upgrade your online service experience to boost engagement and satisfaction.

While these new tools are helpful to connect with customer experience management, it is also vital to fully understand them to create the best customer experience to drive your business to success.

As a Salesforce consultant, Forcivity can help your business implement Salesforce tools and provide ongoing support for your service operations to aid your customer experience strategy. Using our unique approach, we can create impactful change to help you maximize your company’s potential.

With our expertise in using Salesforce and its reputation for helping businesses, Forcivity can help you maximize the Salesforce experience by learning about your business needs to discover possible solutions that will be the most successful for your customers and industry.

Transform your Service Operations

Work with the experts in digital transformation and make sure your service operations are functioning at their highest potential.

Digital transformation is when a company reassesses its overall operations to create a new model of business that includes digital technologies to improve the customer experience.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing

Salesforce provides customer experience management to improve the customer experience. The Salesforce Platform offers a cloud-based solution to help companies optimize and automate processes.

Molly McGee