Future of Forcivity

Last year, I was introduced to Forcivity’s Steve Baines by a mutual business colleague with the idea that there may be potential synergies between our two companies. We quickly realized that there was great alignment between us as individuals and the values we held for our respective companies. What instantly drew me to Forcivity was the dedication to the customer experience with a singular goal—to serve customers and power their digital evolution. 

At Jolt, we credit our success over the last 10 years to our ability to understand customers’ business vision and translate it into concrete, actionable, and executable plans. I’m eager to continue Jolt’s momentum into this next chapter and capitalize on it with Focivity 2.0, helping customers understand their needs, optimize their processes, and accelerate their business growth.

Collectively, we understand the nuances of optimizing business operations, managing change, implementing technology, and handling large-scale projects. Our combined expertise uniquely positions us to support a diverse set of clients who look to make service a differentiator for their businesses. 

Forcivity’s Future—making service a differentiator 

When I look to the future, my hope is that the Forcivity name will be synonymous with a strong strategic partner in service operations with Voice, Field Service and core Service Cloud.

I expect us to continually evolve our service offerings, capitalizing on new and emerging technologies. I get especially excited about concepts like IoT and the ability to embed new technology into our portfolio, specifically through Customer 360 Data Manager. 

With Salesforce doubling down on all things customer, creating a seamless customer experience across multiple platforms and channels will be the status quo. The work from anywhere reality will breed new technology features that will focus on enhancing the service industry with productivity, connectivity, and collaboration.  

The Bottom Line 

Our clients partner with us because of our unparalleled domain expertise that yields significant savings and improved performance for their business operations. We’re armed and ready to continue to deliver on that expertise to help our customers grow to new heights. I’m incredibly honored to lead this growing team of talented and dedicated individuals who put the interests of clients above all else.

I look forward to transforming the customer experience together through an even greater level of service excellence our customers have come to expect.  

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Jeff Oskin