In part 4 of this blog series, we explore the collaboration features of mobile workforce management solutions. What do the features do, and why might your organization want them? If you missed any of the other posts we’ve outlined, feel free to visit them below. When we think about collaboration,……

In part 4 of this blog series, we explore the collaboration features of mobile workforce management solutions. What do the features do, and why might your organization want them? If you missed any of the other posts we’ve outlined, feel free to visit them below. 

When we think about collaboration, we typically consider how a team works together, but this post will take the idea of collaboration a step further. Yes, tools such as a mobile workforce management (MWFM) solution can help your team collaborate, but consider how the same tool can help you collaborate with your customers. In this post, we will explain how MWFM helps you collaborate internally and externally.

Internal Collaboration

Service managers hear it time and again—tribal knowledge needs to be captured. With experienced workers readying themselves for an exit from the workforce, newer, inexperienced workers may lose out on important, first-hand tribal knowledge.

MWFM solutions offer collaboration tools including knowledge bases where organizations can place videos of older workers servicing a piece of equipment. Not only can videos walk technicians through various steps of any process, they can be training tools too, giving organizations something to show new technicians in preparation for sending them out in the field.

Technicians don’t often have time to spend exchanging experience and knowledge with their fellow technicians. So discussions about new issues, new equipment, etc. can be infrequent. But if technicians can make a recording when they’re seeing something new or unusual can record their work and upload it to the MWFM knowledge base, that information becomes immediately available to every technician on the team.

Beyond the obvious benefits of video sharing, technicians can also share other data. Diagrams and photos can also make tribal knowledge accessible to newer technicians, while also making it easier for service managers to create relevant training.

MWFM also makes collaboration easier between the call center and the field technicians. By providing technicians with direct access to recorded calls, call centers can make available important and relevant information from the customer’s initial call. Similarly, communication tools allow the call center to communicate directly with technicians or service managers during an initial call, enabling them to ask the questions that will give the servicing technician the tools and information he/she needs to fix the problem the first time.

External Collaboration

Collaboration also extends outward. Service organizations can now, in a sense, collaborate with their customers, thereby making service a true differentiator.

MWFM solutions can come with dynamic scheduling features, which enable customers to select the service times that best fit their schedule. It is important for service organizations to work with their customers by providing accurate, up to date service times. Working with customers to create an effective service schedule is external collaboration. When a MWFM solution accommodates high priority service calls, you essentially collaborate with the customer to ensure their home or office equipment is quickly up and running.

Similarly, by offering the same or similar videos as to which your technicians have access , you allow customers the opportunity to diagnose or fix simple service issues themselves, thereby avoiding a dispatch, reducing service costs, improving service productivity, and boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Service truly is the great differentiator, so it is important for service organizations to look at customer service as a collaboration. We want to work with our customers to make service as seamless and satisfying as possible.

If you have questions about Mobile Workforce Management options, feel free check out our Mobile Workforce Management page.

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