Northeast Dreamin’ 2018 Welcomes Marc Baizman and Vala Afshar of

The first ever Northeast Dreamin’ is only a couple of weeks away and the keynote lineup is impressive!

We’re pleased to welcome local Boston nonprofit community legend and Salesforce Admin Evangelist, Marc Baizman. Understanding and applying business processes to drive technology is his forte, with a track record to prove it. Formerly a member of the Nonprofit Customer Success team, Technology Director at Root Cause, a nonprofit in Cambridge, MA, and founder of the Boston Nonprofit Salesforce User Group, Baizman delivers on his passion for bringing technology solutions to nonprofits with positivity and sustainability- you won’t want to miss this!

If you’ve ever read the blogs or the Huffington post, then you’ve likely heard of Vala Afshar. Afshar is a University of Massachusetts Lowell graduate, weekly columnist for the Huffington Post and published author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence. He is an experienced thought leader in creating socially responsive organizations and has been recognized for his contributions to Salesforce Chatter, the secure social corporate network we all know and love. Are you interested in learning about how you can improve service and the customer experience through Salesforce? Afshar is your guy.

These are a couple of wicked smart guys and we’re thrilled to welcome them both to the Queen City!

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Marylynn Costa
Marylynn Costa

As Senior Consultant at Forcivity, Marylynn provides the vision behind the solution. She works closely with clients to identify their unique needs, assess key business insights, and recommends comprehensive technical solutions. She takes pride in helping clients maximize the value in their Salesforce investment in order to achieve their goals.

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