The Force Behind Salesforce Productivity

Forcivity designs and builds solutions that help give you more insight into your business, advocates less internal conflict which results in higher productivity, and provides ways in which you and your teams can be successful.

“Salesforce’s open API allows popular technology vendors to integrate their solutions into the platform, freeing customers from the need to build something themselves.”


% of Salesforce customers use at least one app from the Salesforce Store


% of IT pros plan to invest in the Salesforce Platform in the next 12 months


% of the C-Suite say the critical factor for a new Salesforce initiative is implementation time

Source: 2018 The State of Salesforce Annual Report, bluewolf


Correlead improves lead assignments by the correlation of leads to matched contacts and accounts.

Sales teams will benefit from reduced account conflict and better data quality for both your inbound and outbound teams.

Marketing teams will gain clearer insight into how prospects and customers are engaging with their marketing campaigns.

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