Giving Back What the Cloud Has Taken

Forcivity Products

With more and more data moving to the cloud, your data has become more difficult to access and use, effectively constraining you in how you work with and gain insights from your data. Forcivity designs and builds solutions that restore customer control and access to sales, marketing and customer data that has moved to the cloud.




Forcivity Conductor is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform delivering reporting, access, and protection capabilities that open previously inaccessible data that is locked up in the cloud in CRM, marketing automation and other database applications. Data created in Conductor can also be exposed to Salesforce Wave Analytics or a standard reporting engine.

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Forcivity Correlead supports more appropriate lead assignments by the correlation of leads to matched contacts and accounts. Sales teams will benefit from reduced account conflict, better data quality and improved customer experience. While your marketing department will gain clearer insight into how prospects and customers are engaging with their marketing campaigns.

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The biggest barriers to deriving business insights from Salesforce data include:


% Not enough time to deliver reports


% Accessing different types of data


% Reconciling data from different sources


% Lack of a data analysis skillset

Source: 2015-2016 The State of Salesforce Annual Report, bluewolf