Correlead – Lead Management

Match Leads to Existing Accounts Simply and Quickly

Correlead is the easiest, quickest method to get incoming leads belonging to your existing accounts in front of the right person – instantly.

Leads can be automatically associated to the correct account in Salesforce with just a few steps.

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  • Reduce account conflict – Sales reps won’t have to worry about calling into accounts that are already working with another representative.
  • Increase data and reporting quality – Existing contacts get data updated instead of duplicated.
  • Improve customer experience – Customers will continue to build on the relationship they already have with the sales rep they’ve been working with.

Use Cases

  • Lead assignment – Get leads to the correct salesperson automatically.
  • Data deduplication – Prevent Salesforce data from becoming corrupted by duplicate records that sit in leads or contacts by matching them to existing records.