Correlead – Lead Management

Match Leads to Existing Accounts Simply and Quickly
Forcivity - Correlead

Correlead is the easiest, quickest method to get incoming leads belonging to your existing accounts in front of the right person – instantly. Leads can be automatically associated to the correct account in Salesforce with just a few steps.

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  • Reduce account conflict – Sales reps won’t have to worry about calling into accounts that are already working with another representative.
  • Increase data and reporting quality – Existing contacts get data updated instead of duplicated.
  • Improve customer experience – Customers will continue to build on the relationship they already have with the sales rep they’ve been working with.

Use Cases

  • Lead assignment – Get leads to the correct salesperson automatically.
  • Data deduplication – Prevent Salesforce data from becoming corrupted by duplicate records that sit in leads or contacts by matching them to existing records.