On the heels of Forcivity’s 5th Anniversary and our growth in 2020, our recent merger announcement with Jolt, gives us another reason to celebrate. This move excites us for many reasons, especially knowing we’re joining forces with Jolt to capitalize on our shared strengths, skills, and values. 

We have a combined mission to accelerate our growth. If we can add continued value, it will help our growing customer base better connect with their own customers. With the integration of talent from the Jolt and Forcivity teams, we’ll strive to exceed our customers’ expectations while digitally transforming their service operations.

A Glimpse of the past to propel forward

Our 5 year history speaks to what the Forcivity name represents—force and productivity. We’re a much different company today than we were in 2015, yet we’re still anchored down with the same goal of simplifying the lives of Salesforce users. This partnership will only enhance Forcivity’s service execution and help us deliver more for our customers as we take this combined service offering to market. 

We started out as a software company and grew into a service-based implementation provider helping customers get the most out of their Salesforce investment. I think much of our success revolved around being attuned to what the market was showing us and adapting, which is something we’ll continue to do with Jolt. 

With the right level of overlap, our core value proposition will stay the same—deliver the highest level of service excellence that our customers see today.

Not only are our customers top of mind, but we’re looking forward to making this transition a great experience for our team. I’m a big proponent of mentorship, eager to help team members grow and expand their skill sets. The key is to successfully integrate the two organizations so it breeds an opportunistic environment for more satisfaction within individual roles. Supporting our team infrastructure will help us feel confident in cementing our spot as a leader in digital service operations.

The bottom line is this merger means so much more than improving our bottom line. Building and strengthening our team from within only enhances what we can deliver for our customers. If we can help to support and develop our team, it will translate to a level of exceptional and unforgettable customer experiences. That, to me, is the backbone of this partnership.

Together, we’ll continue to provide business and technology services aimed at generating impactful results for our clients. This next phase of Forcivity’s evolution will allow us to support an even more diverse set of clients who, like us, strive to make service the differentiator for their enterprise.

Steve Baines