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Service Cloud Voice -
31 Jul 2020

Introducing Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Providing top-notch customer service means being able to adapt communication channels to meet the customer's ever-evolving needs. This is most easily managed via digital channels. Though it's not the most

Salesforce Service Cloud. Photo from
13 Jul 2020

Salesforce Service Cloud: An Ultimate Guide

Whether it’s revenue streams or free advertising through word-of-mouth, happy customers are the key to any successful business. The best way to keep customers happy? Providing unbeatable customer service. However,

What is field service lightning?
06 Jul 2020

Field Service Lightning: A Complete Guide

Field service is a distinct and growing industry in the business sector. With customers requiring and expecting on-location service, a variety of players are involved in cultivating a top-notch customer

low-code; Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash
12 Jun 2020

Low-code: What You Need to Know

Low-code solutions are becoming more popular: What you need to know The ability to quickly adapt to resolve problems and keep up with the demands of their customers is a key

Salesforce Release - Photo Credit
26 May 2020

Salesforce Releases and Sandbox Previews

Salesforce has three major releases per year, giving customers new features, upgraded technology and, of course, bug fixes. Salesforce’s release schedule is consistent and predictable, which makes it easy for

Photo credit: Salesforce
21 May 2020

Salesforce Health Cloud: A Complete Guide

Are you looking to upgrade your current CRM solution? You’re not alone. Countless hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and others in the healthcare industry are looking to improve their outdated CRM

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash
13 May 2020

Who Owns Customer Success?

Everyone talks about the importance of keeping customers happy, and we all know it’s much less expensive to keep a customer than to bring in a new one. So, whether