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Salesforce Release - Photo Credit
26 May 2020

Salesforce Releases and Sandbox Previews

Salesforce has three major releases per year, giving customers new features, upgraded technology and, of course, bug fixes. Salesforce’s release schedule is consistent and predictable, which makes it easy for

Photo credit: Salesforce
21 May 2020

Salesforce Health Cloud: A Complete Guide

Are you looking to upgrade your current CRM solution? You’re not alone. Countless hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and others in the healthcare industry are looking to improve their outdated CRM

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash
13 May 2020

Who Owns Customer Success?

Everyone talks about the importance of keeping customers happy, and we all know it’s much less expensive to keep a customer than to bring in a new one. So, whether

Kevin Abood - VP Revenue Forcivity
28 Apr 2020

Faces of Forcivity: Kevin Abood

Kevin Abood is the Vice President of Revenue and Sales at Forcivity based in our New Hampshire headquarters, and is a graduate of Georgia State University. Let's learn a little more