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28 May 2021

The Customer Experience in Industry 4.0

This first appeared on Field Technologies Online in January 2021 The fourth revolution in manufacturing is here, and it’s not only reshaping the way things are made but also evolving the

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20 May 2021

Manufacturing Cloud: The Industry 4.0 CRM

The sheer scale and force of worldwide manufacturing operations make it a prime target for automation and digital transformation. Although the adoption of automation and digital transformation strategies has been

CRM Software - Ultimate Guide
28 Apr 2021

CRM Software: An Ultimate Guide

With technology and digital solutions becoming more and more important in today's business sector, utilizing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution is vital to a business's success. Most

21 Apr 2021

How to Increase Customer Loyalty

This first appeared in Field Technologies Online in December 2020 Customer service and support (CSS) leaders are continuously facing pressure to increase customer loyalty as consumers continue to raise the bar