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28 Jan 2021

What’s Trending for 2021

In 2021, three important guiding industry trends remain clear: The WFH (Work From Home) movement and how this will shift digital transformations into overdrive with the focus where it should be—the customer.

UMass + Forcivity
21 Jan 2021

UMass Uses Saber to Accelerate Project Success

UMass & Forcivity: Creating a Cohesive Environment to Provide a Seamless Customer Experience The University of Massachusetts, or UMass, with the support of Forcivity, infused a digital transformation across their campus,

photo credit - salesforce identity
23 Dec 2020

What is Salesforce Identity?

Identity and access management is a vital function of any business with a digital presence and online users. Carrying out key security strategies requires strict regulation on who is allowed

data manager -
09 Dec 2020

What is Salesforce Data Manager?

There's power in knowing your customers. However, running a large-scale operation can result in a dis-united jumble of information that can't be shared throughout your organization. Luckily, Salesforce Customer 360

25 Nov 2020

A Moment of Gratitude for 2020

At the heart of this holiday is a week is reflection and gratitude. For this year, especially, I want to take a moment to thank our loyal customers, partners, and team members for

Forcivity and Bottomline: Customer Stories
04 Nov 2020

Bottomline Puts Customer Experience First

Bottomline & Forcivity: Optimizing Customer Experience Bottomline used the support from Forcivity to regain optimal customer experience and streamline their internal technology.  With the right tactical approach and expertise of the

low-code; Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash
21 Oct 2020

The Low-Down on Low-Code Platforms

Low-code Q&A With CEO Steve Baines One of the most interesting developments in the world of apps is also one of the most democratic. App development is no longer exclusively tied