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13 May 2020

Who Owns Customer Success?

Everyone talks about the importance of keeping customers happy, and we all know it’s much less expensive to keep a customer than to bring in a new one. So, whether

Kevin Abood - VP Revenue Forcivity
28 Apr 2020

Faces of Forcivity: Kevin Abood

Kevin Abood is the Vice President of Revenue and Sales at Forcivity based in our New Hampshire headquarters, and is a graduate of Georgia State University. Let's learn a little more

26 Mar 2020

Salesforce Employee Communities: A Guide

Connectivity, engagement, collaboration, and communication: the four essential ingredients of a successful business. That said, your employees are one of the most fundamental aspects of your business and it’s important to ensure that

24 Mar 2020

5 Salesforce Apps We Recommend

At Forcivity, we're a team of Salesforce professionals who spend a lot of time in the app. As with any profession, we've discovered a few tips to help us stay