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28 Jan 2021

What’s Trending for 2021

In 2021, three important guiding industry trends remain clear: The WFH (Work From Home) movement and how this will shift digital transformations into overdrive with the focus where it should be—the customer.

22 Jan 2021

2020 Year in Review

Jolt Consulting Group, a leading provider of transformational business and technology services for service organizations announced that in 2020 the company achieved record results across all key financial and operational

UMass + Forcivity
21 Jan 2021

UMass Uses Saber to Accelerate Project Success

UMass & Forcivity: Creating a Cohesive Environment to Provide a Seamless Customer Experience The University of Massachusetts, or UMass, with the support of Forcivity, infused a digital transformation across their campus,

photo credit - salesforce identity
23 Dec 2020

What is Salesforce Identity?

Identity and access management is a vital function of any business with a digital presence and online users. Carrying out key security strategies requires strict regulation on who is allowed

data manager -
09 Dec 2020

What is Salesforce Data Manager?

There's power in knowing your customers. However, running a large-scale operation can result in a dis-united jumble of information that can't be shared throughout your organization. Luckily, Salesforce Customer 360