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There’s power in knowing your customers. However, running a large-scale operation can result in a dis-united jumble of information that can’t be shared throughout your organization. Luckily, Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager offers businesses a way to both organize and share customer data. With a single customer profile that can be shared across multiple channels, businesses can give customers the service they deserve and give employees the tools they need to be even more effective in their position. But is it the right solution for your business? 

This guide will break down everything you need to know about Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager and what it can do for your business. Let’s get started!

Salesforce Customer 360: Data Manager

One of the best things about Salesforce is their dedication to improving their products to best serve their customers. That’s what Customer 360 Truth embodies. It’s a portfolio of add-ons that enhance the capabilities of the Customer 360 platform. 

That’s where Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager comes in. 

The Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager is a part of the Truth portfolio that enables businesses to leverage the true power of their data and cross-cloud collaboration. It’s an enhancement that strengthens the way Salesforce’s B2C solutions work together, including commerce, service, and marketing products. Data is not replicated but stitched together as a part of a unique customer profile with a unique ID for each person. So, past events, interactions, and additional customer data are recorded and centralized.

In short, the Customer 360 Data Manager allows businesses to build a single unified customer profile that can be shared across multiple teams and platforms from sales to service. This data management tool is responsible for keeping customer data safe and well-organized. The result is improved customer service, more effective marketing, and stronger personalization. Both customers and businesses benefit from the powerful Customer 360 Data Manager.

Data Manager Use Cases

The best way to evaluate the benefits of the 360 Data Manager is to see how it can be implemented in various business operations and what it does to enhance them. The following use cases will give you an idea of how Salesforce 360 Data Manager could be useful for your business. Let’s dive into a few Data Manager use cases using the example business of a telephone service provider.

Sales and Marketing

At the core of any successful marketing strategy is the ability to provide solutions to a customer’s problem. However, if your sales and marketing teams don’t have any prior knowledge of the customer, including data about events and interactions, your strategy will lack focus. With Data Manager providing a universal customer profile, your sales and marketing teams will know how to better pitch solutions and products. 

For example, a customer that has previously called support for issues relating to their smartphone’s function might be due for a device upgrade. This will both solve their problem and get them a deal on an upgraded phone. If the sales team has access to the customer’s full profile, including previous support calls related to this issue, they can make targeted recommendations that will benefit the customer. A universal profile means stronger leveraging power. 

Customer Support and Service

The Customer 360 Data Manager can track, record, and exchange data and events across multiple systems and channels. This function is an innovation that will help customers support, and service teams deliver more effective solutions. To solve a problem, it’s essential to have a full picture of the issue. 

When it comes to things like technical support or advanced features of your product, customers might not have the background knowledge to best describe the issue. As a result, customer support technicians must guess at the problem and troubleshoot it from the dark. This doesn’t have to be the case. 

For example, a universal customer profile that can be shared across teams can show that the customer recently upgraded their phone and may be experiencing issues related to the transition from an older device to a new device. Using the information provided in the customer profile, a support team can improve its services’ speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Personalization is not just a key element of a successful customer relationship strategy, it’s also an effective way to improve customer experience across your entire company. Whether a customer calls in for support, to make a purchase, or make an inquiry, Their customer profile record the data for your business. All that’s left is determining how you will use the data to better serve your customers. 

With Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager, you can create a seamless customer experience by delivering personalized engagement based on data pulled from the customer’s profile. This can even be as small as thanking long-term customers for their continued loyalty to your company when they reach out with requests.

The Forcivity Solution

It’s no secret that Salesforce customer 360 Data Manager has a lot to offer any businesses looking to upgrade and enhance its customer data management. However, implementing any digital solution, regardless of how powerful it is, should be done with the help of professionals to ensure that your business gets the most out of your investment. That’s where Forcivity comes in.

Molly McGee