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Identity and access management is a vital function of any business with a digital presence and online users. Carrying out key security strategies requires strict regulation on who is allowed access to what and when. With Salesforce Identity, businesses can control all this and more. 

Salesforce Customer 360: Identity

Salesforce Customer 360 is a platform engineered to help businesses connect with customers by promoting cohesive internal operations. Salesforce Identity is a part of the expansion.

Salesforce Identity is a Salesforce solution for administrative teams performing identity and access management. The primary goal is to create a seamless experience and simplify user access by leveraging a single login across multiple channels and platforms. For administrators using Salesforce Identity, streamlined organization can be recognized throughout the platform. 

Identity and access management processes benefit from a Salesforce Identity, as it gives businesses a new kind of control. Customers only see how easy it is to connect with other platforms and navigate your orgs. Administrators notice how much easier it is to manage access and identities from a single place. It’s a win-win for your users and business.

9 Core Features of Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity is a modular solution that can be applied to your organization as needed. Each of Salesforce Customer 360 Identity’s nine core functions are designed to streamline the administrative identity management. Here’s a brief explanation of what they are capable of: 

  1. Connected Apps: Enable users to access all the connected apps you use or create, including Salesforce orgs, services, and third-party apps, without having to sign-in multiple times.
  2. Identity Connect: Collect and sync user data from Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD). Events in AD can be linked with those in Salesforce.
  3. App Launcher: Enhance navigation and organization by bringing all connected apps into tile view in one place.
  4. My Domain: Customize your Salesforce org URL to help strengthen your brand or business’s cohesiveness.
  5. Multi-factor Authentication: Apply the new standard of secure sign-on, that enables users to protect their accounts by adding extra barriers to log in, i.e., multiple forms for authentication.
  6. Centralized User Account Management: Administrators can manage everything from a single place, including access and permissions.
  7. Single Sign-On: Users log in just one time during a session, even if they navigate to different connected apps such as Microsoft 365 or Google Apps.
  8. Social Sign-On: Allow users to sign-on to Salesforce using their social media credentials from Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  9. User Provisioning: Manage user accounts from different clouds and platforms from a single location with user provisioning.

Benefits of Customer 360: Identity

Some of the benefits of Salesforce Customer 360 Identity include:

Simplify login for Admins and Customers

Ask any member of your administrator team, and they’ll tell you that login problems are the biggest enemy of efficient identity and access management. Whether they are having trouble with their own login attempts or having to troubleshoot others’, the lost time and energy cannot be made up. 

Save your administrative team and customers the headache by implementing Salesforce Customer 360 Identity’s single sign-on function. One username and password for all connected apps — it’s an operation that’s as smooth as butter.

Creating a Layered Customer Profile

Your users take their identity with them across different channels and devices. However, without the right tools, your business won’t be able to intelligently recognize and combine these various identities. This results in your users having to sign on multiple times and remember different user names and passwords, even if they are using a connected app. 

With Salesforce Identity, user identity is collected and combined wherever a user takes it. That means, a single sign-on is all users need to navigate your orgs and connected apps. Additionally, with a single identity across all your sites, your business fosters a seamless experience.

Single Sign-on

The features of Salesforce Identity makes it possible to utilize single sign-on across multiple platforms. This intelligent solution allows your org to strengthen security, without worry of having to protect user identity across various platforms. Additionally, passwordless sign-on which leverages smartphones to create a rock-solid line of defense.

Key Takeaways

There’s no denying the value of the Salesforce Customer 360 Truth suite. Along with Salesforce Identity, it not only enhances the functionality of Customer 360, but it takes it to a whole new level.

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Molly McGee