When to ask for Salesforce support

Should your business opt for Salesforce support to ease the Salesforce implementation process? It depends. There are many benefits to implementing Salesforce CRM software, including introducing automation, streamlined processes, increased management efficiency, and enhanced customer support offerings. That said, the breadth and depth of Salesforce’s software options means that getting started requires a substantial time and energy investment for any business. 

Unfortunately, the necessary time commitment and resources needed to pull off a successful DIY Salesforce implementation just isn’t feasible for most businesses. As you are still running a business while undertaking a major internal overhaul, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the increased responsibilities and tasks that you and your team must handle during a DIY implementation. That’s where Salesforce support comes in. 

Getting Salesforce support through the aid of a Salesforce Implementation Partner is one of the best ways to balance business operations and a new Salesforce CRM implementation. This guide will walk you through the reasons your business should consider Salesforce support and how it can take your Salesforce implementation to the next level.

Does your business need Salesforce support?

Determining whether your business needs Salesforce support through the Salesforce implementation process is relatively straightforward. There are specific instances in which it would benefit your business to rely on Salesforce support. Below, you’ll find an explanation of the situations in which a business should consider Salesforce support.

You don't have the time or resources to pull of an internal implementation

Whether you’re a small business with limited staff or simply don’t have technical experts on your team, you may find it difficult to handle a Salesforce implementation without help. A small team usually means every team member is already handling a solid number of tasks and responsibilities related to their job. Taking members off their assigned tasks to work on implementation can cause your business operations to lag and may cause friction with other members of the team who have to pick up the slack. 

Moreover, if you lack a CRM software expert on your team, you may be selling your business short. Salesforce implementation is a modular process that allows a business to customize processes in a way that maximizes efficiency and works well with the current workflow. A technical expert can help to ensure that your business is able to set up the software to achieve those goals rather than implementing a one-size-fits-all setup that doesn’t enhance your workflow. In short, without the right resources and team members for a DIY implementation, you may be selling your business short and leaving many Salesforce benefits on the table.

You're new to Salesforce

Salesforce is an absolute Goliath when it comes to the CRM industry. With software dedicated to different business needs and industries spanning from manufacturing CRM to field services CRM, Salesforce can be challenging to navigate and the learning curve is steep. If you’re new to Salesforce, you may dedicate a large quantity of time just to understand which tools would be best for your business. That’s a ton of time spent before you even get to implementation! When it comes to an expansive software like Salesforce, having a Salesforce implementation partner guide you through the software can save you tons of time and expand your knowledge of the tool.

You'd rather let the experts handle it

Sometimes, it just makes more sense to let the experts handle things. When you work with a Salesforce implementation partner, you gain their expertise, project management skills, and additional skills to help your business make the implementation process as smooth as possible. Better yet, there’s no wasted effort. You and your team can focus on running the business while the implementation process occurs. You’ll only need to jump in when necessary.

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Benefits of Salesforce Support in Implementation

The benefits of Salesforce support are clear. When you have an expert helping you through the Salesforce implementation process, you can focus on the bigger picture without worrying about the intricacies of implementation. Here’s a breakdown of all the tasks your implementation specialist will handle.

  • Data Migration: Data transfer and management can be difficult to pull off when migrating to a new system. However, your Salesforce implementation specialist will minimize the risk of data corruption and loss. They’ll help get your vital records into the new system.
  • Technical Documentation Design: If you’re not all that tech savvy, your implementation specialist will feel like a lifesaver. They’ll help draft all the technical documentation needed to move forward with Salesforce as your CRM tool.
  • Customized Development: Making Salesforce work for your business means tailoring it to meet your business needs. A specialist will work with you to determine your those needs and employ development strategies to customize Salesforce’s functionality for your business.
  • Application Design and Launch: If you plan to take advantage of Salesforce mobile app solutions, an implementation specialist will work with you to design and launch the application.
  • Testing/Quality Assurance: To avoid running into launch-day headaches and other issues, your implementation partner will thoroughly test the Salesforce software to ensure that everything is perfectly functional before handing it off to your team.
  • Project Management: Salesforce implementation takes time and careful planning, which your specialist will handle. They’ll draw up a clear and detailed plan with steps that outline the entire implementation process from start to finish and ensure that everything stays on track.
  • Integration Support: If you will be using Salesforce with other tools, Salesforce support can help to establish integrations and test their functionality.
  • Training: A specialist will train you and your team on Salesforce and answer any questions you may have regarding its use moving forward.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to Salesforce implementation, choosing the right Salesforce support team can set you on a path to success. That’s where Forcivity comes in. 

With years of Salesforce expertise and a proven reputation for helping businesses across multiple industries upgrade their CRM tools, Forcivity is the way to go when it comes to Salesforce implementation. We want your business to succeed and to help you get the most out of your Salesforce CRM. We pull out all the stops when it comes to maximizing your Salesforce investment. We learn everything about your business and listen intently to all your concerns to help formulate a plan about how to use Salesforce most effectively in your business.

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