Scheduling a report with Advanced Reporting for Salesforce

Once you have created your dataset, you need to schedule a report. This updates the data on a periodic basis.

To schedule a report:

  1. Click the Build tab.
  2. Select the dataset to use for your report.
  3. Click the action button.
  4. Select Schedule report.
  5. Set the following:
    1. Report name.
    2. Datasource push type.
    3. Schedule frequency.
    4. Start time.
    5. Click Schule to create the scheduled report.

The scheduled reports are shown on the home page. You can edit a scheduled dataset on the Home page by clicking the action button and select:

  1. Play will update the dataset on-demand.
  2. Schedule to change the update interval.
  3. Delete will remove the scheduled dataset update.



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