Salesforce Services

Your Salesforce Data Architecture, Development & Data Integration Partner

Forcivity is a full-service Salesforce consultancy and system integrator. Our consultants have real-world, hands-on experience as executives, technology leads, operators and administrators. We leverage that expertise to create targeted, effective solutions on the platform. Our deep and wide vertical knowledge allows us to recommend, design and develop implementation, integration and development plans tailored specific to your business rather than put forth cookie-cutter solutions.

Instance Consolidation and Separation


Consolidating or splitting instances is more than just moving data around. Our consultants help our clients create the total picture of what’s needed for a successful splitting and merging of instances. We evaluate the entire business process and technology ecosystem, ensuring the resulting Salesforce instances fit seamlessly into your organization’s enterprise technology landscape.

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Salesforce Architecture

Architecture and Optimization


Already a Salesforce client but your instance needs help? Is your org old and outdated? Has adoption dropped? Do you need to merge multiple orgs into a single instance or split an org? Is your CFO asking for General Ledger data integrated with Salesforce? These are the toughest of Salesforce challenges, and Forcivity’s Services Team has been there, done that. Just ask our current customers. It’s why our clients come back with new integration projects and business initiatives – the tell-tale sign of a solid vendor.

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Salesforce Development


The plan is in place and the people have been allocated to lead the charge. Now what? The only missing piece may be a Salesforce architect. Good news: Forcivity’s team has business process chops — and also happen to be Salesforce experts.

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Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce Integration


You now have Salesforce firing on all cylinders, but now management needs a wholistic view of the business with access to multiple data sources. Forcivity has data integration solutions, connectors, and business intelligence to bring it all together.

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Why you should maximize your investment in Salesforce:


% of companies agree that establishing a digital customer or partner community has been essential to their company’s strategy


% of marketers believe that when their company moves a process into Salesforce, the process improves


% of Salespeople think Salesforce makes their job easier


% of Salesforce customers see innovation potential in The Customer Success Platform

Source: 2017 The State of Salesforce Annual Report, bluewolf