Salesforce engineered Service Cloud as a complete solution for businesses that want to improve their customer service efficacy and increase their chances of successful case resolution. Salesforce Service Cloud enhances an organization’s service operations with in-app live agent support, knowledge centers, self-service communities, and social media. 

Why Service Matters

Customer needs and expectations are always evolving. Not to mention, constantly advancing technology (and unprecedented pandemics) make it essential to cater to customer’s needs via digital channels. After all, appeasing customers to their liking is the driving force behind any successful business. 

When customers expect to receive reliable and consistent updates, you can give it to them with Service Cloud. Stay one step ahead of the game by allowing agents to communicate with customers through various channels at any time.  

Better support, lower cost

Leverage the potential of Service Cloud by using Knowledge to deliver effective support, reduce call volume, and provide self-service to your customers and partners.

Data-driven service

With Salesforce Einstein, you can discover new data insights automatically and act in real time. Understand what happened and why. Then take that data to solve an issue with your customer long before it becomes a problem.

Field Service Lightning

Excellent customer service doesn’t just happen at your desk. Empower your team by implementing Field Service Lightning, and provide top-notch, speedy service anywhere.

Work with the Service experts

We'll perform a complete assessment of your existing organization and capabilities by interviewing staff, reviewing existing materials and talking, when appropriate, with customers. We assimilate all of this information and provide you with a written analysis and tangible action plan you can implement to achieve targeted business improvements.


Get access to accurate, accessible information easily in your Service org. InsightJolt is an analytics and reporting platform that gathers and aggregates data from multiple systems across your business, giving you a 360° view of your business to assist in making strategic business decisions. Learn more.

EinsteinJolt is the perfect way to transform your customer support operations quickly and efficiently, deploying a pre-configured package of Salesforce Einstein for Service to give you first-in-class analytics and operational features. Learn more.

If you’re making the move from ServiceMax to Salesforce Service Cloud, we have a solution to make your life easier. Our LightningJolt  automates data migration to minimize risk and frustration. Learn more.

We understand how critical the user experience is in field service. We take the time to get to know your business and the needs of your technicians and turn that data into an exceptional experience that is easy for them, and valuable to your customers.  

Forcivity can help you transition your organization to Field Service seamlessly. Our proprietary tool LightningJolt seamlessly transitions your data from ServiceMax to FSL, expediting projects and minimizing data loss.

Learn more about Field Service.

If telephony is still an active form of customer communication in your organization (as it should be), you need to be able to access your customer’s entire profile, history, and needs while they’re on the phone. Providing top-notch customer service means being able to adapt communication channels to meet the customer’s ever-evolving needs.  

Service Cloud Voice fits in seamlessly with a digital-focused customer management strategy. Give your technicians, sales reps, and call center employees the total picture they need when servicing your customers.  

Learn more about Service Cloud Voice.

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