Journey to CTA; photo credit

At Forcivity, we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise of our team. Now, we’re expanding that expertise even further, with three employees striving to achieve Certified Technical Architect, the highest possible Salesforce credential. It is a long journey that requires candidates to achieve 23 other credentials along the way.

CEO & Founder Steve Baines became a Salesforce CTA in September 2018. Steve became the 261st Salesforce Certified Technical Architect after more than 15 years of success in Salesforce consulting. His record of success alone set him apart in the Salesforce ecosystem, but he knew he could achieve more. Steve says, “These certification programs serve as an endorsement from one of the most well-known Fortune 500® companies on earth. Coupled with unparalleled products and services, this is how we can demonstrate Forcivity’s value to our clients, colleagues and community.” 

“If I’ve learned anything over the past 2 years, it’s that achieving the status of CTA is just the beginning. I’ve learned so much since that day and continue to learn with each and every experience I have as a CTA. The team at Salesforce has graciously given me so many tremendous opportunities to work on my journey and help others achieve the same goal.”

We’re excited to announce and kick off a new series that will follow Amanda Newton, Solution Architect,  Jesse Robertson, Senior Solution Architect, and Jim Coleman, VP Design & Implementation on their journey.

Meet the Team

Jim Coleman, VP – Design & Implementation

Jim is one of the leaders of our service delivery team, and is instrumental in guiding the strategy and architecture for our clients. He has been with Forcivity since March 2019, and boasts 15 years of Salesforce experience. 

Jesse Robertson, Senior Solution Architect

Jesse has been with Forcivity for almost a full year (time flies!). He is an 11x certified Salesforce professional with over 14 years of experience across multiple CRM platforms and industries. Before Forcivity, Jesse has worked as a Solution Architect an Assitant Director of Salesforce Administration and Development. 

Amanda Newton, Forcivity Solution Architect

Amanda Newton, Solution Architect

Amanda, one of the newest Forcivity team members, joined as a a Solution Architect in May 2020. Amanda has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than eight years, working both as a Solution Architect and Salesforce Consultant in previous roles. She is no stranger to hard work, and has set an ambitious timeline for herself to achieve CTA. She’s racking up the certifications, already holding 13.

Forcivity is proud to have such a deeply passionate team whose quest for knowledge seems to be endless! Be sure to follow their Journey to CTA on our blog.

Molly McGee