summer 21 release

As the organization works to maintain a loyal and satisfied customer base, Salesforce always delivers highly anticipated updates and increased service offerings. In this Summer ’21 release, Salesforce delivers once again. 

With updates and upgrades spanning from strengthened analytics solutions to field service templates, this release is sure to be a game-changer. That said, there are a plethora of updates in this release, so many, in fact, that it was hard to choose our favorites. 

That said, we’re excited to share our favorite updates from the Salesforce Summer ’21 release. Let’s dive in.

Field Service Updates

Salesforce Field Service Lightning(FSL) is already an industry-leading platform dedicated to automating the industry. These newest updates and upgrades make it an even more powerful asset to businesses with off-site field service technicians. Here are the biggest updates to Field Service

  • The work order recommendation template now includes recommended parts, which can be added by the technician on site.
  • Build work plans to guide your field service technicians on the job and help back-office workers complete assignments. 
  • Simple scheduling and reduce rule violation checks by enabling dispatchers to see which technicians are available for a job with improved Extended Match work rules
  • FSL Mobile App improvements provide transparency on location services giving technicians a heads up when their location is being recorded and shared with customers.

Sales Cloud Updates

Salesforce Sales Cloud enables businesses to automate and improve the sales process from lead to paying customers. Additionally, this CRM solution aims to help businesses increase sales and leverage the power of analytics. Here are the Sales Cloud updates we’re most excited about:

  • Sales teams can now evaluate pipeline health with new visibility options for revenue forecasting. Additional forecasting tools make forecasting management even simpler. 
  • Productivity lovers rejoice! Einstein Activity Capture can now be added to your Microsoft Exchange service. You can default to record calls with Dialer, track and evaluate email behavior, and build out email templates to increase productivity.
  • New Google and Microsoft integration options streamline the process of working with your favorite platforms and offer stronger support. 
  • Better meetings, better performance. Sales representatives can address customer concerns without leaving a Salesforce meeting with new insights and actions. Meeting Digests can now be added within Microsoft Teams. 
  • With Salesforce Maps, you can plot data from proprietary and third-party systems on a map and plan territories to increase security. 
  • Additional updates include those to High Velocity Sales, Sales Cloud Einstein, and Einstein Conversion Insights.

Service Cloud Updates

Salesforce Service Cloud helps businesses maximize customer relationships by providing exceptional service. With these new Service Cloud updates, businesses can expect even more ways to serve customers. Here are the most anticipated Summer ’21 updates to Service Cloud:

  • The newest additions to the Service Setup Assistant make it even easier to get started with Service Cloud as it takes care of even more tasks automatically. It also takes care of Knowledge startup steps to make things even simpler.
  • The workforce engagement updates focus on improving your business with data-backed planning and scheduling tools.
  • Telephony services have been completely overhauled with updates that include the Voice Toolkit API, Lightning web components, After Conversation Work, multimedia messages, and Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony.
  • End your cases without having to guess next steps with the now generally available Einstein Case Wrap-Up and new Einstein Reply Recommendations notifications.
  • Case management also features game-changing upgrades with the ability to build custom help centers, Bulk Macro usage, sending longer emails via Case Email quick actions, and leveraging the power of prebuilt case productivity enhancements. 

Manufacturing Cloud Updates

As the manufacturing industry begins to adopt CRM solutions more frequently, solutions like Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud have become essential. Manufacturing Cloud makes it easy for manufacturing companies to adopt automation in their operations to maximize efficiency and improve customer relationships. Here are the best updates to Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud:

  • Account managers can now edit sales agreements to better align with customer needs.
  • Account forecasts and Sales Agreement Schedules can now be managed with time filters to show data from specific ranges.
  • The new invocable action and action type value in Manufacturing Cloud can help your business calculate forecasts for an account. 

Key Takeaways

As always, Salesforce looks for new ways to push the envelope when it comes to improving its service and product offerings. We are excited about this release because it’s sure to provide an even better experience for our clients, dedicated Salesforce customers. 

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