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Salesforce is a company that thrives on innovation. They consistently work on improving their offerings for their customers. In short, Salesforce is committed to providing businesses with an array of efficient and functional software solutions to enhance their operations. That’s why the releases of their newest upgrades and services are always met with excitement and high expectations in the industry. With the latest Summer ’20 release, Salesforce demonstrates that it will continue upping the ante when it comes to adding innovative improvements. Excited yet? Here are the most anticipated features for Salesforce Communities in Summer 2020.

Flow Automation within Service & Community Cloud

For a company committed to providing its clients with the most efficient and effective CRM technologies, Salesforce has outdone itself with its new upgrades in flow automation for the Service and Community Clouds. These upgrades are focused on increasing productivity by eliminating the time it takes to do tasks manually. Here’s a breakdown of Salesforce’s newest upgrades in flow automation.

  • Flow Builder: Streamline the process of creating and editing flows that you’ve set up in your Salesforce Communities. It eliminates the previous problems including improving the design of setting a flow trigger and reducing the chance of errors in the process by introducing a flow window and a start element.
  • Flow Trigger: The flow trigger makes it easy for businesses to make changes in one fell swoop, particularly those changes that require additional steps after the change is made. For example, if you change the date of a scheduled meeting, the flow trigger could be set to send email updates to everyone involved in the meeting. In short, you save time by avoiding manually performing these tasks.
  • Run Flows That Bypass User Permissions: User permissions can tighten security and privacy within an organization, but they can also inhibit productivity if permissions need to be updated throughout a flow. For example, a guest user may need admin permissions to complete a task within a flow. With this newest feature, businesses can bypass permissions within a specific flow. A guest user can have admin privileges to complete the flow, but they won’t have them outside of the flow.

Community Management

With the right Salesforce community management tools, not only can you handle administrative tasks like a pro, but you’ll also be able to effectively collaborate with your team. Salesforce’s newest offerings make it easy to manage the administrative tasks that guarantee that your Salesforce Community is firing on all cylinders. Here are the new community management features to keep an eye out for in the Summer ’20 release.

  • Improved Community Page Menu: Whether you’re making upgrades to your community or you want to surf it, the new community page menu makes it easy for you to perform these tasks by prioritizing navigation and organization.
  • Generate Site Map: Not only do sitemaps help to improve SEO performance, but they also provide organization records that you can use in the future. With this new update, you can manually generate a sitemap once every 24 hours or wait for the automatic update every Sunday.
  • Override Actions in Lightning Communities: This upgrade is especially useful when it comes to personalizing the user experience. Use this when you want to provide users with a customized experience by adding this component as a replacement for standard forms.

Final thoughts

I’m excited about all these new features. Three times a year, Salesforce keeps improving the platform we use to deliver great experiences for our customers. The pace of innovation helps us to improve the adoption of our solutions and improve customer journeys. I’m excited to see the improvements to Lightning Flow and Community Cloud in the Summer ‘20 release.

How can Salesforce help your business?

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