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The Salesforce Winter ’21 release is one of the biggest announcements to date, and it’s certainly causing a lot of excitement, especially here at Forcivity

The platform’s major updates make it even more functional and add enhancements to some of its most popular features. We’ve run through all the updates and collected our favorites to share them with you. 

Here are some of Forcivity’s favorites from Salesforce’s Winter ’21 release.

General Updates

Some of our favorite general updates in the Salesforce Winter 21 release range from CMS enhancements to bug squashing. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Expanded CMS Support: Salesforce CMS now supports knowledge articles in the CMS collections component. As a bonus, knowledge list views support the translation of knowledge articles.
  • Lightning Experience Engagement: Enhance the UX of your app by utilizing the new in-app help menu and aiding users with in-app guidance. You can share direct links through in-app guidance to point users in the right direction.
  • Debug Flow Errors: Debugging used to be a bit trickier, but these updates make it easy to debug flow errors as another user in Sandbox Org. You can troubleshoot as another user to catch errors early on.
  • Build Multi-Column Screens: Using Flow Builder just got a lot better. Now you can divide flow screens into multiple sections. With this new update, you can create a more complex functional page without learning any code.
  • Use And, Or, and Custom Operators: This update extends the condition-defining options found within the Decision and Pause elements to the entirety of the Flow Builder. You can also get more from your logic conditions by creating your own.

Field Service Lightning Updates

We’ve seen a significant rise in demand for Field Service implementations as the world shifts. The Salesforce Winter 21 update has several enhancements to this feature that we’re really excited about.

  • At a Glance Deal Changes: Deals can change in an instant, which means sales managers can have a hard time staying on top of all of them. This update creates an overview of deals, including important details that have changed over the last seven days.
  • Track Time with Time Sheets: Leading and organizing a field operation? Now you can keep track of your mobile employees’ hours by creating, reviewing, and editing Time Sheets. Save time with Time Sheet templates.
  • Improved Scheduling Accuracy: Now, you can estimate the travel times of your employees out in the field with street-level routing, prioritize more urgent appointments, and ensure that your service stays on track with health checks. In short, this upgrade streamlines field operation management.
  • New Service Setup Assistant: No one likes going through a lengthy setup process. The new Service Setup Assistant makes it easier and faster to get started with Service Cloud.

Explore the new Winter 21 Features with Forcivity

The Salesforce Winter ’21 release is a big one. It has over 21 major features and updates, including the numerous small tweaks and changes to improve functionality across the platform.

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